Driving along the M1 this eve in a 50 VSL and this Merc is right up my arse, tailgating me. Finish passing the car I was overtaking and he flies past. As we come up to the next gantry I see it has a HADECS 3 camera on the left side of the gantry and I can help but smile as he tears through it and sets it off. 3 points and £100 fine in the way to him. :smiley:

Anyway, post your stories of dickheads getting what they deserve.


A Merc featured in a definition of Schadenfreude when I asked a German what it meant.
He said it was when you hear that your brand new Merc has been driven over a cliff - and your mother in law was driving!

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Driving my Austin Healy Sprite along the Devon stretch of the A30 east of Exeter one shite winters evening. Traffic everywhere, busy as hell and the road was littered with roadworks. this was the early 90s when they were improving it.

Any road, I ended up being tailgated by a twat, aren’t they all. He kept trying to overtake on this dark night, god knows why as there was miles of traffic on both sides of the road.and every one was just plodding along at 50 ish.

We entered what used to be a dual carriageway section, now a maze of roadworks and contra flows. He saw his chance, badly as it turned out, and flew past me on what appeared to be a dual carriageway. I say appeared, he soon realised the row of cones now between me and him were taking him further to the right. In fact it took him up a dead end to a ramp where he joined a steam roller, some trucks and a bunch of very bemused road workers.

I chuckled all the way back to Bath that night.


A Early one morning on a rain lashed M40, I was passing 2 Lorries. The weather was pretty poor and visibility was reduced. Hence, I was pootling along at 70 :smirk:

A Maserati Quattraporte was flashing me whilst glued to my rear. I moved over and off he roared. About a mile down the road was the Same Maserati facing the wrong way against the central barrier. It would appear he aquaplaned and ran out of talent :sunglasses:


We had a “Lost Time Incident” on site yesterday evening (they’re not called accidents at work anymore :wink:)

One of the German electrical engineers cut his hand quite seriously, necessitating a visit to Basildon A&E where he was sewn up with 5 stitches. He was in, treated and out in just 45 minutes!!! On a Friday evening!! :flushed:

Where’s the schadenfreude, you ask?

Well, on the one hand, he suffered a painful injury, but on the other, he was treated to the full glories of the British NHS! :sunglasses:

He can now go back to Germany saying that everything they’ve heard about the NHS is bollocks - it’s a wonderful service afterall. :thumbsup:

So, should we make sure our EU friends have horrible accidents so they can experience the excellent services of our NHS?
Gonna find me a French bloke and stab him.

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That can definitely happen if it’s at the end of the working day (although by teatime on a Friday you may have to compete with the building site lads who have been at the bar since 2pm :slight_smile:). Things can be busier by the end of the drinking evening though. Which is absolutely not the NHS’s fault.