Scottish independence

I’m not sure where I stand about this ( apart from the other end of the country ! )
Do I admire her or is she a power crazed lunatic ?

If it came to it, would rejoining the Eu really be that simple for Scotland ?
So much upheaval already. Surely now isn’t the time to cause more ?

Lol, as if.

No. The current fiscal position would preclude them taking on the Euro. I can’t see the Spanish wanting a bar of it seeing what is going on in Catalonia. This is quite unlikely in the next decade.

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They had a referendum the Scottish public said No to independence.

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Are you suggesting that the people of Scotland have lost their right to self determination?

Are you suggesting that democracy is now not a thing ?

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If I was Scottish,I’d won’t to get away from England as soon as poss


I partly agree. Having had a referendum, it should be decided for some time. It’s madness to have a referendum every few years until you get the result you want.

That said, you need to allow for a change in mind. A decision clearly shouldn’t bind your descendants in perpetuity.

My view is that they should be allowed a referendum, but it should require a super majority, say 60% or 2/3, and there should be a minimum gap between referenda of 5-10 years.

There also needs to be some kind of forum beforehand to ascertain the real issues, so people are informed. In this case it would cover the financial issues (North Sea oil money, currency, rUK relationship), EU membership and the like. There should also be a requirement for a confirmatory referendum once any divorce deal is done.

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Arguably a controlling issue in the last indy ref was that Scotland would really struggle to stay in the EU if they left the UK. They wanted to stay in the EU then and they confirmed it explicitly when they were asked that question in 2016. On the basis of the bombshell (perhaps an understatement) of England and Wales’ Leave choice surely a case can be made that they are due another look at their decision to stick with us ?



On one hand: colonial guilt about something that happened ~300 years ago involving long-dead people from an unrecognisably different culture.

On the other hand: Britain has become an appallingly shitty, awful place, no left-of-centre government will ever be elected again, and things will get a lot, lot worse as the years grind by. Time to return Scotland to the wild.

And then again: Scotland’s economy is marginal - “but muh oil” counts for next-to-nothing since it is a finite resource in-decline. What else is there, apart from the partisan lies of self-interested nationalists? Do an Ireland I guess and lean hard on Europe for cashola…

10 years ago I’d have said no, 'cos it was sure to curse the rest of us to Permatories. Well, that’s happened now. Lab/Libs could have Jesus Christ himself in the driving seat and they will still never, ever be elected again. We’re out of excuses. Free The Sweaties!


Because absolutely nothing in the UK has changed since then…


I’d say there’s been a material change in the UK’s relationship with the EU, which the Scots roundly rejected by the way.

I think this gives them legitimate grounds for having another crack, all questions of EU entry, national wealth and resources aside.


You’re suggesting that a Tory Westminster government should rig the independence referendum before hand and then to be doubly sure insist on a confirmatory referendum afterwards. Words fail me.

This is my take on it, too.


What right?

As far as I am aware the SNP are demanding the ability to call a referendum be devolved to the Scottish parliament. I can’t see the Tories agreeing to this, the demand chiming from a minority party in the Scottish parliament.

Yeah things have changed since the last one. Meh.
At best they should wait until a bit after Brexit is all done.
But they will probably be told to fuck the fuck off.

They should adopt a Get Scotchit Done sort of slogan though. That would make it work.

No. The demand is coming form the Scottish Parliament where there is a majority in favour of a second referendum.

My own feeling is that it would be strategically better to wait until the damage from Brexit is apparent. I’m not clear on why the SNP are pressing the issue now when the polls remain so tight. I assume they are banking on a refusal from the Tories to whip up a greater sense of injustice. If Johnson was clever he would grant the request as I fear there is referendum fatigue and a desire to avoid more uncertainty in the short term.

This I agree with. I can’t believe they’d win an independence vote after the shitfest of the last few years.

Maybe they are thinking Brexit will be a roaring success, and this will be their last chance.