Separate mains feed for hifi

I have the opportunity to add in a separate mains feed to my system, as I’ll have an electrician around for a couple of days doing some lighting.

Is this worthwhile? At a recent demo I got chatting with the dealer about the importance of mains, power cables etc. Without disappearing down a rabbit hole, he did say this is one of the biggest improvements you can make in the chain.

Foo or not? That is the question

He also said all of the fuses in uk plugs are shite, so using a euro power bank is better.

Thats bad for a dealer to suggest that.

He’s a cunt.

My advice is stop listening to dealers. Their primary interest is to separate you from your money.


I’d say speakers and room for the win

If you think there’s something wrong with the mains supply to your hifi I suspect that you’d get more improvement by spending the same money on plug-in conditioning kit than on a separate wire back to your consumer unit.

European domestic wiring is protected in a different way from UK wiring. The fuses in UK plugs are an important part of our protection. Shocks and fires are Bad Things.


Massive horns, of course.


Make the room irrelevant by taking up all the space with a gigantic horn. 200 IQ hifi.


If the new ring/spur is coming off the same consumer unit as the one that feeds all your domestic appliances then it’s just going to be subject to the same noise as the rest of the system. Waste of time unless it’s a completely separate supply coming from the meter.

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This. I have a separate supply and the difference it made is marginal. It was installed when we renovated as my electrician is keen on Hi Fi. He took an old amp as payment for some of his work.

There’s your first mistake right there…

Oh yes all high mark up foo so no surprise there…

Yes to his bank balance whilst doing fuck all your system.

How many times -



Dealers don’t tend to fit the new mains supply though do they?
Power cables maybe…

on balance i think I’ll give it a miss :laughing:
Good to get some experienced advice, so thank you all.
I will get him to put some sockets in the right place, to avoid the fire hazard I have to the mo.
And save the rest for the Sonus Faber’s @crimsondonkey :+1:


The guy is fucking idiot.

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Yeah, it was at this point he gave himself away…


Have you heard @Ijrussell ‘s lovely standmounts from Teribil Audio @edd9000?

I think they would sound great with your MA-5s :+1:

That’s a good call. They sound great anywhere.

Yep, a very nice sound, especially with the pass aleph. Trying to sort a builder at the moment as Ed is busy with other projects. Also trying to line up a couple of home demos of space friendly speakers - Neat Xplorer and Boenicke, think my budget will only stretch the W5’s though.

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