Settle part 3.2022 recurring

By popular request - a new thread

As noted in the 2021 thread, we have a booking for the bunkhouse and barn from Friday Sep 16 to Sunday Sep 18 2022, so pop this in your diary if it’s not already there. Let’s hope that we can actually get the gig this time!



Looking forward to it!

On my way. It’s a long way from darn sarf

All in. Thanks

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I’m in with my valet @malbec .

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Me please !

Yes please Dave.

Yes please, I’, determined to get to one of these!

That’s an end date for my plinth build in the diary.

I think I can make it
Next year can we make it the week before or after. 18th is not good for me.

Yes please Dave.

Yes please Dave.

Dave lost track of finances - do you need a deposit?