Sheffield bake-off May 21st


Thank you for the enjoyable day Dave.
Excellent digital system on the attic.
Consider now going back into dark side and start to listen CDs…


Thanks Dave. A great day even though I had to leave early to return for a meeting. Nice to see old and new faces. Vlads TT and Phono deserve to be heard by more people.


Those doughnuts weren’t going to eat themselves.


How would you know? - you never leave them long enough to find out. :smiley:


Snaps, even worse than my usual poor standard, I appear to have Vaseline on the phone camera lens…


Why would you be carrying Vaseline to a bake off Rob - in case you got lucky? :wink:


Always be prepared ;-).


Aaah some Technics SB-F1 speakers, really rather good. The bass unit in one of mine is noisey, must get it repaired.


Almost correct. These are SB-F3s. I also have the SB-F2s. For sale, if you are interested…


Careful Dave, you’ll end up with less HiFi than Rick or Tuff Bob.


Oh no, I have waaaay too many speakers now, I need to find new homes for a few of them.


I did manage to rescue a doughnut from annihilation - the rest of the bag met with the usual fate! Actually the high grade banter was only briefly interuppted by feeding with the most excellent provisions . A super day Dave. I mostly fed the superb phono and amp combo designed and made by Vlad from the Denon110 ( IMO underrated by many) to some DIY IPL transmission lines with ribbon tweeter and 6" ( ish) concave mid bass. ( Daves). Vlad did extensive detailing work on the deck and arm and the result was very good on axis. Ian the bass was plentiful powerful and deep expressive and is tunable to the room volume or taste . I think them a bargain tho difficult to sell on . Great day


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