Sheffield tripadvisor

I will be visiting my Son this week at Sheffield Uni.

Don’t know it too well, so any recommendations for dinner and/or places to visit would be most welcome.

How fancy do you want for eating? Haven’t been to Rafters for many years but believe it is still very good. Not cheap though. Some nice little restaurants down Sharrowvale Road, mid-range.
What sort of things do you want to see? Lovely country just outside in the Peak, or in town the Kelham Island industrial museum is pretty good (as well as having the Fat Cat just around the corner).

Don’t miss the Paternoster lift at the Uni.

nice hi fi shop there … moorgate acoustics !!

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There are plenty of good pubs and restaurants in Broomhall, close to the University.

I used to like walking around the Ladybower Reservoir on the edge of the city/Peak District.

Make that Broomhill. Broomhall is safer than it used to be, but still can be dodgy (as well as having no pubs worth going to). I live near Broomhill but prefer restaurants on Sharrowvale Rd or London Rd.

Thanks chaps, don’t need v posh eateries as with all the kids: here for a couple of days - had a lovely walk in the Peak District this am, although we got very wet. Will have a look around the Broomhall area this evening then explore a little more tomorrow.

Hi fi shops definitely off the menu as house still being renovated and I am a good 5-6 weeks away having my set up running again :pensive:

Tha Packhorse at Little Longstone, just a short walk from Monsal Head, is one of my favourites.

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As Dave (octh) as mentioned, Broonhill and Broomhall are 2 different areas. Broomhill is up the hill and Broomhall is down the hill. Broomhill is where a large number of Uni students live.

There are a number of pubs which are a few minutes from each other. (Nottingham House, The Fox & Duck, The Bloomery, The York, Icthy Pig & Broomhill tavern. Also worth a visit tomorrow is Record Collector record shop. It is in between the Broomhill tavern & the York.

Some nice old houses around that neck of the woods.

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I’m liking the gritty areas

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very wise … keep away from temptation

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That looks like the underpass on Arundal Gate. Next to the O2.

Yep, spot-on Dean :slight_smile:

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