Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2

That all lools very good.
Who ever made the plinth did a nice job.


Pile of unremarkable bits mainly on the floor sounding greater than the sum of their parts…


The Pi Hut appears to have Zero 2 Ws in stock so I have got one for adequate streaming purposes.


I am now utterly tempted by the idea of getting a tattoo of the kanji, but with a tiny mistake in it somewhere.



Shortened to ‘wabi’ it’s a term abused and overused by wristwatch freaks to describe used watches. IME it denotes corrosion, decay, gouges, scratches, mildew, scuffed crystals, and 60 years of dried-on wrist-cheese in every crevice. :face_vomiting:

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I know there wasn’t much love for Totem Arros on here when I mentioned them, but I bought some anyway, and I know that makes me a cunt but they were a good price and I wanted to try them


Missed the dislike, I rather enjoyed them when I heard them. The newer Metal line didn’t sound as good when I heard them at Munich, but they’re still making all the older models.

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They were much-hyped as “miracle speakers” when they first appeared in the UK in the mid 2000s, and many people who bought them loved them. They started out at £500 a pair, and at that price they were a decent alternative to standmounts if you had a powerful amp.

FWIW I tried a pair and was distinctly underwhelmed - much preferred a pair of PMC GB1s, which were superseded by Neat Elite SEs, and soon after by Triangle Maias - now those stayed with me for a decade and I still miss their incredible midrange, speed and coherence occasionally, even tho’ what I have now is better in every way!

I also hated the Arro’s cheap’n’nasty see-thru MDF on the corners where they plane-off the veneer: even Ikea can do better than that!

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Interesting! So far they haven’t bowled me over as hoped. Imaging is better than the Neats but they seem very forward and bright to me.
CD playback in particular quite harsh.

I really need to get my head around acoustics in my room before I sell them on but gut feel is that I’ll be moving them on

What are you driving them with?

Acurus DIA-100 Mk2

If your room is on the smaller side, you can cheat the bass equation a bit by looking for front-ported floorstanders, that way you can manage a size-or-two larger than you might expect and get them closer to the back wall while avoiding bass boom.

If part of your room equation involves keeping your life-partner happy, then you are on the wrong forum entirely and we absolutely WILL do our best to convince you to buy huge, wonderful-sounding monstrosities that will probably cause a divorce.


They used to be paired with rega at shows 15-20 years ago,and usually sounded ok.

No idea what models were used though

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Triangles have entered the conversation


From what I remember the motives were bottom ported.
Triangle did many front ported speakers

Preach it Brother Jon!

Jeezus, they must have been bad :scream:

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