Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2

Is the plan as a Pre/DAC & Dirac processor or for the basis of a 2-way active setup?

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That didn’t take long.
Hard reset, install software and drivers. Set up crossover and PEQ and its working.

@Adpully you’re absolutely right about the analogue input.


All of that.

The speakers and subs are all dsp’d (by ear), for now I’ve simply transferred the crossover and peq settings from the 2x4.
I’m also using it as a dac and a preamp. Computer, telly, turntable and Bluetooth phone connected.
Dirac to follow, that’ll be much more involved I expect.

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Got a new (2nd hand rack) a week or so ago.
Compact but weighs well over 40kg so had to ask my next door neighbour to get it up the stairs.

I also got a new 2m mains lead for the streamer which has lifted veils, massively increases soundstage etc.:smiling_imp:
Crazy expensive when new but got it for a song.


Rack looks Ace :+1:

Lead looks like a bit of wire :roll_eyes:


What is the thing on the top please?

I’m guessing some kind of streamer?

That’s a lot of placemats is that for when your drunk unclepuncle dancing :grinning:

Cambridge CXN V1 - they are dirt cheap secondhand (<£250).
Really impressed with it - app is decent and sounds great.



Interested to know how you get on with that Al. I really rated the whole Quintet range - to the point that had the Pro-ject deck not come with a Cadenza Black, I’d have bought the Quintet Black - I couldn’t really tell them apart (Ortofon later dumbed it down a bit with an inferior stylus cantilever when word started to circulate…). I still have a Quintet Bronze as my backup cart - best budget all-rounder I’ve heard so far, especially for second-rate vinyl, which is 100% all I own…!

Will do.

If you fancy a loan of my MM3 to see what you think of their tweaks to the 2M Black give me a shout - I think it’s an amazing sounding thing even on my humble Turn 5 turntable so I can only imagine it would be a belter on your deck. :+1:

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Thought it was time to treat the line stage to something.


After a near 18 month wait since putting my preorder in, these finally arrived today, IMR Audio Na-le.

Got to say the package is quite superb considering these were about £100. Now to put some hours down listening to them.


Thanks Wayne this cart has lifted my system massively.


Probably not to everyones taste but I’ve been looking for another pair of SCM10s for the 2nd system, specifically in the very rare Yew finish. After years of looking a pair found me and very happy!
Will be used with the Lyngdord TDAi2200 with DSP and the Castle/ATC subwoofer.

System by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

ATC SCM10 - Yew by Robert Seymour, on Flickr

ATC SCM10 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


They look lovely; pleased for you Rob :+1:

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Purrty :+1:

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Thanks Mike, I’ve wanted a pair in Yew for years but only ever seen one pair in the UK and any others in Japan, and specifically looking for another pair anyway since we moved for the second system.

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Great result. I hope they live up to expectations, in your room.

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Finally hooked up the Tube Technologies pre I bought a while back to an XTZ A2-400 which has been generouslt loaned, and I’m feeling very happy about it all!