Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today V1.2

Do like Tube Tech stuff - never heard a single item of theirs I didn’t like :+1:


Zia Faruqi made some great stuff. The CD players and DACs were incredible (same FPGA DAC as the Chord DAC64 but with a decent output stage and PSU). Tube Technologies was in the classic vein of small companies that made expensive gear and yet still managed to avoid including a profit margin on any of it though.


Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest… :frowning:

In the great tradition of being nearly right this is shiny and it is indeed new …, It is however not mine!

Guy kindly came over today with this wee fellow. I’ve kind of got a little nostalgia around EL84 amps but it’s been a while since I had one or an integrated TBH.

Only mildly larger than a size 12 shoe box this little thing has simply no right to sound the way it does. The built in Phono is good, the headphone amp is good, the tone controls are great (Also double as RIAA adjusters if you are into early Mono’s (OK just me then) Yadda Yadda.

How does it sound? The 14W output seemed far greater than expected - It’s certainly cleaner in every respect to the Leben I once had. The sound staging is excellent, there’s a lightness and agility which is really engaging - It’s clean but not analytical - zero hum, . It’s not going to do down low force but as it warmed up and with the aid of the tone controls it’s scoring goals - I’ve been having a blast!

Plug n play I can this see as a great solution for a compact system or those wanting anti faff appeal
…(Unless you get hooked on fucking with the tone controls which I have been - rather enjoying it!)


Not my system but a Rega 2 (without arm, belt or lid) from @stu, a new orange belt, an old Voyd branded RB250 I had, an AKG mm cart, gets installed in FoL2’s set up and sounds fine. (Scuffy old eBay Rega dust cover on its way).

Sounding very fine right now now playing Neil Young/Harvest.


Those Heco Direkt boomboxes are bloody superb; still got our two doing telly and bedroom duty respectively :ok_hand:


I’m not in any hurry to push him along any kind of audiophilia nervosa path. While he’s enjoying his records on this there’s no need for any more.


he’s not missing-out on very much IMO. If push-came-to-shove, I could live with that as a system, just dial in one of Heco’s subs (like I did with the telly), and it could embarrass some quite expensive kit :+1:

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Never knew there was a voyd branded one

Used to buy them in small quantities like 20 or so to put on Valdis mostly. It has a little Voyd sticker on it but I’m sure it is the same as a normal RB250.

I’ve had a few different branded ones,I wondered if they asked for any tweaks,or just a different sticker.

Some have red plastic details ie bias slider & cweight marker but I think they were otherwise the same. I know Moth had a version but sure there were others. It’s a decent arm for what they can be found for.

Yes,I’ve had a moth,nad and Michell ones

It’s arrived :slightly_smiling_face:


Steepletone. We are not worthy.


Show and tell

Denon plinth?

Yup custom . I may see the dp3000 one day