Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Takes a lot of chops to tell Porkies like that.


been on verge of selling harbs recently but playing the thrax with them is pretty mindblowing , we heard the more expensive models at the bristol show but pretty insipid compared to this combo .

there were some kudos 606 really kicking some bass at the show and the harbs sound like them playing bliss mantavara [quiet letters ] .

damm shame its bulgarian as i would have a nervous breakdown having to send it back for repair but by golly its very very tempting


I don’t understand- what do you think the Thrax can do that your MSB can’t?


From Syed?

Same place as my speakers if so


Nope a cheaper one from 2nd hand hifi, 5 levels, which is what I need.


Visual reasons


I had one once - certainly nicely made.


the msb the combo does give lovely soundstage and sounds good but the thrax has huge bass and clarity . you would have to hear it to believe it . having a couple of folks over sun pm to listen so we shall see what they think

on reflection i think the bass is possibly a bit too much of a good thing with the thrax and the msb combo is more balanced sound . it certainly sounded sublime with every other speaker i have had


That’s Hey Duggee if I’m not mistaken :face_with_monocle:


What’s worse than one mistake? Making two. It’s a classic audiophile conceit to imagine that the way to fix a problematic set up is by spending big on another component that will fix the original issue.

  1. Go back to basics. Select a speaker that works properly in your room. Then match that with an amp that gets the best out of it.

  2. Stop chopping and changing - trial and expensive error is not the best approach

You had speakers that worked in your room really well, probably as good as you’re gonna get - the Rienzis, but you sold them, and while you had them you were fantasising about what the larger Verity might sound like :man_facepalming:

Go and buy them back if you can…


He likes chopping and changing.


Full on @unclepuncle apprentice in fact. :laughing:


Yeah, I know. It’s a sickness!


Can it be treated on the NHS?:stuck_out_tongue:


Not on the NHS. Private treatment is available to beat this silliness out of you though


Looks like a night out with bmtell to me






Silence, imbecile!

He likes it, us dealerscum like it - everyone’s happy!

(except his starving, neglected family - and no-one gives a damn about them)


Pure Sound P10, despite the rather austere looks it sounds bloody good, with a nice foo’y Reflector 6n23 and Telefunken 12ax7 it has a massive dynamic range and a nice warm but detailed sound.

Very pleasantly surprised by this given the price.