Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I fucking hate stepped attenuators, work of the devil.


Get CNC’ing and it could make an adequate butt plug.


Now listening to a lovely Puresound P10 using it as my second phono stage. Sold a few things and was looking for a stage to use with second turntable. Saw this at reasonable money the dreaded box swap fever struck and I bought it.
When it came earth isolation switch was damaged so after seller agreed to pay for a new one fitting it went off to @murrayjohnson for a repair. What a fantastic service. He fixed it within a day, checked it out and then tested a handful of valves I sent him to find out the best pair to fit and returned it to me in less than three days.
And it sounds awesome, this Is a really really good piece of kit. Way better than what it cost me.
Thanks to Guy for such good service and for making such a brilliant sounding phono stage.


Alps Blue in the fancy housing…


Quite like it really, they do a quad and six channel version, and remote variants, might need one for me self.


Oh, is the red case not foo enough for you?




But no matter, you own Sony and Yamaharsh, so are merely to be pitied…


I also own Behringer and Bose - makes your lifestyle system sound like a bedside radio.


Have you suffered a recent head injury?


What was that?


Proof care in the community is not working. This man needs help and fast. :rofl:



Seems really quite capable, for beer money.


I like the repeat function, yes I have one.

(Technics SL7)


The EPC-P202C cartridge seems to be pretty decent, too.



It’s a TT for the ham fisted and it’s a design classic that has high WAF


Nice - which SP is it?




Feck - sorry, meant to put SL. I is dumb :roll_eyes:


Had an SL-10 which was quite natty - until I had a JB moment and snapped off the boron cantilever from the very valuable EPS-310MC cartridge.:frowning_face: