Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Bien joué


Does not compute?




Well played


tous les amplificateurs ont le même son


Все усилители звучат по-разному


New Zealand?


Yes Dave - but I bought it from France.


Might something hung on that left wall be beneficial?


You aren’t bloody wrong, only been listening to it for about 4 hours but it sounds fantastic. Really wasn’t expecting something this good. I’d go as far as too say this is probably the best DAC I’ve heard so far.


It’s been a while since the first GM tonearm turned up here - I was impressed with the first arm in both finish and engineering. £ for £ I thought is was exceptional. Then Audio Creative brought out the GM MKII (Banana) in addition to the arm tube form the magnetic bias was most welcome and again I was impressed.

AC now offer a Titanium tube version! Will these Dutch men stop dangling temptation? Seemingly not… The Titanium arm is up a gear in several departments - The headshell socket is now produced in-house and is a nice, sturdier, improvement. The micrometer bias housing is also improved along with the SME style mounting sled (A nice piece of machining in it’s own right.) to top it off the arm is all silver wired which again is a step up from the previous GM incarnations. The arm arrived replete with a raft of counter weights and a nice allen driver / templates and instructions…

Listening will commence post nap - Thoughts may follow.

P.s. We’re not tied in with Audio Creative and stand to make no profit from posting this.


Love the micrometer bias


I’d send that back if I were you and get a straight one, it’s quite obviously bent :+1:


That’s allowed now we have Brexit


Looks lovely. :ok_hand:


I assume the sliding base fits SME?


The x4 mounting holes of the bad plate are an SME fit. Not sure about the pillar bearing diameter, I’ve not measured it?


The improved headshell mount is an attractive feature. Often the standard issue ones don’t feel as secure as they might.


Tempted to sell the SME312S and get one of these.


I use an early one on the SP10. It goes well.