Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Got any first impressions yet?


I borrowed it a week ago to have a listen to this type of circuitry. Yes, really clear and detailed without tizz. I liked it a lot, driving mid and tweeter in a three-way. Enjoy!


This arrived today:

Always fancied a play with one of these. Using a Dynavector DVXXII mark 2 at present. Very, very impressive out of the box.

Will need an experienced faff merchant to help set up my Io Gold though. I couldn’t get the VTF/VTA/Anti-skate dialled in properly. I wasn’t even convinced I had the cartridge mounted properly as there is bugger all space behind the head shell.

Sounds alright though so the Clearaudio is probably for the chop.


Very nice, always fancied one of those myself. Can we have more pictures? :+1:


Really nicely built thing. Hopefully it will be even better with the Io.

EDIT: It’ll take a bit of cleaning but the previous owner has maintained it beautifully. Really nice chap too. Drove up here to drop it off too!


What step up will you be using Olan?


ANS3 possibly but I preferred the Io on the Clearaudio direct through my Allnic Phono stage.


I am getting a Gold in a couple of weeks and opted for a Dave Slagle SUT with casing and assembly by Pete. Guy is setting it up for me with my new Titanium wand (Graham).


Copycat :wink:


Indeed, should be going Ltd really!


I could be available next week :thinking:


LOL. A month’s a long time in hifi.


That makes two 20/2 owners on AA. I love mine.


Very good
I’m really struggling to notice any difference to it over my valve amp

Either my ears are that bad,or it is stupidly good for beer money

Need to have a few more hours with it this week


You are Jerry and I claim my £5.


Was thinking that as i was writing


Keep the Dynavector XX2 as it’s a better cart.


Does that mean you are on holiday this week?





Holidays :thinking: I vaguely remember them.