Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


If you can remember the holiday you shouldn’t have bothered :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Bloody scousers :roll_eyes:


What about them? Are you having a sly dig at @Jim?

I’m Strayan or Irish depending on who is asking.


Does an Io Gold work in a 9" SME V?


Not at the moment as my fingers are unskilled for the fettling required. It worked beautifully in my 9" Clearaudio unipivot though.


Might the xx2 be for sale at some point? Fancied trying one in my set up😀




Not shiny new thing, but today spent a bit of time playing with the set up on the AV Finos, 300b valves doing the amplification, with R2R as the source.

Sooo much more dynamic and transparent than in the lounge.

Think I might have happened upon a half decent setting for the AVs. Not approaching @browellm 's magical touch, but certainly better than my first try.


Or the deck, maybe ?


Which one? I have 3 at the moment.


Was thinking the Clearaudio, can’t afford the SME, anything else ?


Thats good, mine should arrive tomorrow or Monday.


You seem to have forgotten to take the bridge off the V




Meh! I think I shall give fannying about with the bearing pressure a miss thanks.

I’ve had unipivots for the last 20-odd years so the entire concept of the V and its usage is a bit of a novelty. Best to get used to it before feckin’ it up. Sounds alright as is though. A full service and professional setup will follow.


Those professionals know nothing about bridges, nothing I tell you! :grin:


I’ll bridge you to the bottom of the stairs in a minute. :japanese_ogre:



Very nice TT by the way!


S’alright I s’pose, not up to the standard of an SL-7 though.


Got mine working afternoon, sounds decent and has way more power than I need.
I’m hoping after extended use I’ll swap back to my big Yamaha and appreciate what it is lacking. But like you, first impressions are that its absolutely fit for purpose, amazing really.