Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


2 box’s, should help with rack organisation if it stays long enough.


Interesting, what’s the model number G?


If you look at the pic and what it say’s on the front. TPA3116



Its this one, you can get them cheaper on ebay if you’re ok waiting.

Only 1 input mind, I’m using it as a power amp so no issue here.

Nobsound Mini Dual TPA3116 Digital Power Amplifier HiFi Stereo Audio Amp 2.0 Channel 100W×2 DIY with NE5532 Pre-level OP Amp with Power Supply (Black)


Thanks G.


With much thanks to @edd9000 for the excellent finish that expertly matches my Volvo

Thanks to @Ijrussell for the loan of the preamp :+1:




Buzz sorted?


Oh yeah :slightly_smiling_face:

Great work Edd, appreciated. The finish is spot on :+1:




Today replaced centre speaker in system which was about 20 years old and not so good with dialogue. Got one of those Dali zensor vokal jobs .impressed with richer sounds and DPD delivery.


Just bought one of these because you bastards made me. Don’t even want one



Have been off work with a bad back all week and don’t have the money,hope you are all happy putting these thoughts that made me buy it into my head


At least you’ve got one, I want one and definitely can’t afford one!


Such perfect passive aggression, 'ttoirist of the week. :+1:


You won’t be laughing when my other half finds out what you lot have done to me


Do you actually own any tapes?


What would he want those for?


I own two R2Rs and only one tape, I felt it rude not to own at least one.