Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Probably better than what they normally export from Basildon, hooky coke…


Flames bangs and environmental concerns - I’m keen


Not new but have put the Tune Audios back in to get used to them as I think they will do well with the LM 845 amp.


Too far apart :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



gosh , i thought you sold those ages ago !!




After all that I never got it,seems she has now sold it elsewhere

Think i dodged a bullet


Aww fuck, I already mailed you my Shaft tape :anguished:


No probs
I have an eBay account :call_me_hand:


The little box on top, y’know, the 2 x 100W power amp :joy:


It’s arrived :smile:




Photos taken with google night sight with the lights switched off


'Scuse my ignorance here Chris, caught the 845 bit, but which make of amp is it? ( can’t quite make it out on the pic ), looks really good.


Some with the lights on.

Really impressed with the build quality but it weighs 40kg and nearly killed me unpacking


Line Magnetic LM-518ia


Disregard, I can see clearly now !




Fabulous. Can we move this to the ‘Images not showing’ thread?