Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Like these and this one has a phono stage, quite rare to get it.



I think we know why you like that Bob…:wink:


Three reasons.

  1. It sounds great.
  2. It’s from Trilogy which I have a soft spot for.
  3. Shiny.


Wrong order methinks.


Of course.

But I do like Trilogy, with 909, 907 and 990 already.


Me too lovely kit.


918 ref and 958’s

I was considering changing but then I thought again


I use mine with Ensemble PA-1 Reference/M&K MX350 sub, Technics SL1200 and a Micromega Duo Pro DAC.

Did you buy Chris’s old set?


Trying out a different pre before the new one arrives.


I bought the pre off him and got the mono’s down here.
Chris had the el34 mono’s I’ve got the 6550 set


OK, he’s got the mono’s back along with a 902 pre now. Chris has my old O’Heocha D2s and his Oxford Crystal Ref back. Sounding nice tbh.




I read that as Oxford Crystal Meth… not too different :wink:


Satellite delay…
Wondering what you have thought of these after an extended listen (!). Looks like a solid option for a second system. Any good for late night (quiet) listening? Compared to Kef etc they seem very good value.


I liked them a lot but I have little experience with actives so nothing to compare them with.


Is that a Fat Bob Bob?


It is a dusty one, needs a polish. With the Transrotor version of the Rega RB300, which is only really the arm tube left. At the moment it has a Van den Hul MC One Special cartridge, which I quite like. I used to use a Koetsu Rosewood and that was a match made in heaven.


Be interesting to give this a whirl later.

Changes from SL seem to include threaded holes in the metal top so supplied bolts go straight in with no nuts. Micro Line tip fwiw.and it’s suggesting a load of >100 Ohms which, if memory serves is lower than the SL could be allowed to see. Output is 0.4 mV so reasonably healthy.