Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Beat me to it!

Looking forward to your impressions Guy


Fair bit heavier than the other models


It’ll be the weight of that metal top. Presumably they’ve adjusted the suspension accordingly.

Still light compared to the likes of the Io & other metal bodied cartridges.


Be nice if all cartridge makers would put threaded holes in.


It’s a simple thing and it makes fitting carts SO much easier!


The only drawback I can see is if you manage to cross thread one of the bolts. It would be a delicate job to run a tap in an expensive cart.

You would probably have to send it to @J_B for him to fettle.


Ou est Le MONO ?


I’m booked pretty solid until the end of the year :grin:


I’ll get one next time.


Very much still a Hana but more so. Plenty of tone, more authority & more clarity but still without becoming forensic. So far so good.


It’ll be a busy demonstrator :smiley:


I did get 2 but yes, this 1st one can do the rounds.

Anyone who wants a try can pm me.


Yes please :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh look, the tape-tards are getting excited over a cartridge. :roll_eyes:


Better the cartridge, the better the tape copy :ok_hand:


If there’s a demo one, id like to give a try on the 1200gr please.


Me to. Please.
My new (old) SME 3012r could do with some options.


But is it better than a Denon 103?


Is anything?