Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Isn’t everything ?



Bought a Sonos Play 5 for the Dining Room. Decent sound, the packaging is ridiculously over done.


Cracking bit of kit - I now use two Play Ones (one downstairs, one upstairs) for my music / radio playback and can’t say I really miss the hi-fi.


I have 2 Sonos One in the kitchen and the soundbar in the lounge plus Amazon dot speaker things in ours and the elder kids bedrooms. I think its all rather excellent tbh, different kettle of fish to big horns and 4W valve amps but the current Mrs Dur and kids all can shout out for music and tunes are playing almost all the time now in the house which is great.


For fun try them as a stereo pair and use room tuning, that’s how I have them in our kitchen.


been playing some rather nice harbeth p3esr in 2 rooms , big sound in the loft room with the hybrid monoblocks and just trying them in the class A system . very smooth top end and don`t make my ears ache at all like the shl5plus did . i can see why they are popular

P1060433 by , on Flickr


They would be ideal for a bedroom system.

Insomnia is a horrible thing.



In my view the best of the Harbeths. The bigger they get the worse they sound.


yes , i prefer these to the shl5plus i had .the p3esr have rather an engaging sound


Snap. The play 5 sounds betterer to me.


I am regretting not picking one up on Black friday…


I picked up not one but two of these this morning

It is (of course) an Electronic Universal Stimulator made by Disa in Denmark. It has settings for Prepulse, Impulse and Delay and a button for Single. The Frequency dial mentions the CPS (I guess they no longer use these though, which may explain why conviction rates aren’t what they once were). The front panel is finished in wipe-clean gloss.

I may fettle it up and bring it along to Lopwell if there’s enough interest. It should knock 5 minutes in the massage chair at Bridgwater services into a cocked hat. I will have to check with @Ruprecht that it won’t interefere with his Schumanns though.

If you need any more convincing it’s got 20 Telefunken double-triodes in it (sadly no ECC803S’s).







I’m sure you could utilise them in a modern version of this



what is the “Accessory” socket for? Where are the probes attached?


Can understand why.



I will pay a significant portion of a muffin for a tasting at Lopwell