Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I cannot deny that this is giving me a semi…


It’s the Telefunken ECC81s isn’t it. You may not be a well man. There’s only one way to find out though.



Ferrograph S1 speakers courtesy of @mickbald, thank you very much :slight_smile:

They work, though the midrange on the right speaker seems out of commission sadly and needs some investigation, however they show real promise!

Winter project!

P.s Donna wifey saw them and the words are not repeatable even on here…


Nice :evergreen_tree: :+1:


Looking forward to getting this plugged in :slightly_smiling_face:


I think there’s a few who look forward to the review…

Make sure you put the BLUE wire to the BLUE output. And the GREEN wire the the GREEN output. Don’t mix them over.

It will probably hum a lot if you don’t.




Are they now in the garage, or are you? :grinning:


Momentary colour blindness - its a thing. I can probably sue you for discrimination or something.


I’ll sue you back as I’m now partially deaf.
And the local cats are traumatised.


They look more seaworthy than that boat.



We need to hear them.


Haha! Need to get em’ working properly first!


They are hiding behind the sofa with me hiding behind them…


First listen (Ziggy Stardust)

VTA must be out :wink:


I like the bit of Cheshire. Looks good.


Magnificent speakers - I still occasionally miss mine!

Which version of midrange driver do yours have, Rob? Early models had a Goodmans cone unit and later ones had an Audax dome? If it’s the latter I may have one kicking around in the loft somewhwere…


I first loved the S1 when I heard yours at Scalford (the first one I think?) playing Fun Lovin’ Criminals - 100% Colombian and then Kylie…

They reminded my of my Dads big 3 way JBL’s I grew up with :slight_smile:

They have the Goodmans cones, but one certainly isn’t working at all, I haven’t ventured inside yet…any help from your experience with the S1’s would be much appreciated :+1:


So I’ve played three LPs so far with the ML, ‘Ziggy…’; ‘Thriller’, and now ‘Innervisions’.

I’m impressed. Very quiet in the groove, seems to extract a bit more fine detail than the SL, and retains that lovely even balanced sound that Hana seem to have pulled off so well. All very nice indeed.

I’ll be able to make a more critical view once I’ve put the SL back in and see what changes/ is missing.

Edit: Just listening to 'He’s Misstra Know It All ’ as I type and all I’m thinking is what a beautiful arranger of instruments Stevie Wonder is - always a good sign when the music stands out like that when you’re listening to new kit :+1:


Best track on the LP.