Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


That’s ok Rob, I’m sure the words,

“Crickey, I never knew speakers could add so much to the aesthetic of our living room”

would be perfectly acceptable on here. :slight_smile:


I how I wish…


Sigh Kylie…

Er, sorry. Where was i? Yes, S1s. Well I rebuilt mine - re-wired them with fancy silver cable, changed all the crossover components for posher ones and even moved the crossovers externally. If I owned another pair I wouldn’t bother with any of this nonsense as, frankly, the differences were fairly minimal.

It’s worth changing the caps that are in series in the tweeter section and fitting chunkier internal wiring to the bass driver. Other than that, I’d change the stoopid push-terminals for binding posts and then get on and enjoy them.


Has she cut off your knackers yet? Is this a ploy to put really ugly things in so you can ‘reluctantly’ sell them on and get what you really wanted, slightly less ugly speakers?:relaxed:


Thought I had a monopoly on that tactic. Seems not :frowning_face:


Picked up this Ayre V3 power amp today. The guy demoed it through a pair of ESP Concert Grand speakers. Never heard a pair before but they sounded great. Not sure if have heard any ESP speakers before tbh.


SPH bearing, currently found on LH although the Garrard bearing is sold out.
Best £200 I’ve spent on vinyl? Probably :sunglasses:


Where did you get that one Mark? I got one from the last batch that he produced. Makes a noticeable difference on my 401.


Same place as you, Sien on LH. This is the latest batch, some differences from the first batch, I’ve got an original with a 301 I’m building plinth for.

Agree, its made a positive difference 401, I’d need to get a file out for my 301(grease bearing) and I’m seriously considering it. I believe the BBC engineers put oil bearings in 301’s as an upgrade so not as bad as it sounds :wink:


Shiny fixed Trilogy preamp in my second system with a Croft Series 4.


The shindo bearing and stephano’s like the LH are too large for the hole in grease bearings (Careful filling will get it there without removing too much). The BBC did change over from grease to oil and the change is positive (Grease bearing motors have more torque, oil bearings have a closer tollerance.) I had an LH here for a while. The standard Garrard platter sat high and the idea was to loosen the housings end cap (Allowing the bearing to be lowered and in turn the platter) I thought this was less than ideal. Most importantly the spindle was not correctly polished - It was hard to tell if the spindle had been case hardened or if it had been turned? The best way to produce a spindle is case hardening, cylindrically grinding then polishing (Ceramic tumbling etc etc.)If you look at a Garrard original you will note the polishing.It is worth investigating polishing…In all above cases the size of the housing etc is based very closely on the EMT 930 bearing.


That’s a second system!! :flushed::+1:


Bob has about twenty ‘second systems’.


Enjoying a very very modest system that cost under 300 quid and is very enjoyable. Still can’t quite believe it really

some little revolver speakers and a little teac


That’s because it plays music competently


Indeed , and the speaker stands were made by that chap called Roland who used to make some super speakers but seems to have stopped now


The height has been sorted, I’ve got the 2nd batch.

I’ve a tame engineer close by, I’ll see what he thinks, but it does sound better, plus I’m happier sticking a copper mat on it. I was always worried about doubling the platter weight on the original bearing.


Excellent the height thing was a PITA. Show your friend the spindle to see if it’s hardened sufficiently, my concern here is that it would not fare well with time on a ball bearing. Polishing would shift the tolerances mildly but it would be worth doing


The platter sits higher on mine I think but not that much of a problem visually.
VTA is a bit low though:joy:


The ball rotates on the PTFE rather than the spindle? I’ve got a 4HF bearing somewhere so the idea of ball on slippery surface was known to Garrard ?

I’m sure the thick grease is part of the ‘design’, tight tolerances, mirror polishing , hardening costs and realistically this is the budget end of the bearing world.