Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Agreed, he could double the cost and it would be better than many.


Matt, how do you think it compares to some of the other bearings out there such as the PAC and Kokomo?


The Kokomo has seen several revisions. The main issue which was a real issue was the ceramic ball being too hard and in turn burrowing unto the base of the spindle. Of course the thrust bearing upgrade does not address the original Garrard bearing housing issue specifically the bushes which are not the closest tolerance.

The PAC bearing looks very similar to Mirko’s design, I’ve not had one to make a comment but having had similar I can say I prefer the Shindo approach the spindle is considerably bigger the large ball bearing presents the same kind of profile to the 401’s domed thrust pad. All in I find mass to be handy with Garrards.


Does he advertise anywhere or is it just group buys on LH? had a look on LH and can’t find him.




Search on LH for SPH bearing.
Purchasing is done by pm and e-mail and only once he has a decent number of orders.
It is a larger housing with the ball running on a ptfe pad and the bushes are ptfe with grease lubrication. He supplies the grease, an SS ball and a ceramic ball.


I did, couldn’t find un sausage.

I’ll try again.


His name is Sien so could try that also.
Worth noting it is quite a bit longer than the standard bearing.


Found him. Length not an issue in my plinth, I can easily bore out some of the resin in the sub plinth to accommodate. I’ll drop him a pm, cheap as chips and worth a try.


What do you think of using one of the heavier platters with an updated bearing. Would, say, the PAC larger aluminium platter (brass one is silly money) with a Tenuto on top be an upgrade on a standard 401 platter which has damping rings and a Tenuto?


The Pac platter is nice. The 401 and shindo platters have a lightly recessed top to allow the mat to sit inside the platter (A good idea) the Pac doesn’t but makes up for this with mass on the exterior wall which is helpful for inertia. I can’t say I’ve had the chance to use a Kokomo + Pac platter but the additional weight and the known issue (Although I believe they have address this to some extent) may be an issue. The LH bearing would be able to take the additional PAC weight I would imagine rather better. The PAC bearing and platter I would imagine has been out long enough for horror stories to surface if there were any…I have not tried this combination although I am familiar with the PAC platters as we use them on the peal signatures


Thanks for the info Matt. Can’t get any better recommendation than the fact you use them.
Do you use the Al or brass and do you think the brass offers any additional benefits? I will prob just try the Al on my SPH bearing.


The weight ratio may be a factor to consider. The brass platter in itself is probably better the drawback being the benefits are traded downstream with the grinding of the bearing. Personally I find the ally and Tenuto work well with a 1mm silicone mat between the two


More shiny.



I thought you eschewed SUT’s ?


I have a small collection. This was too shiny.


Pair of these on the way for appraisal…


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If it was made of mpingo I might guess that they are bollock isolation devices to enhance the Schumann benefits.


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