Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Just a brief session using same cables and amp seems to show more weight to sound and clarity and realism with the modded one


Also got a teac ud ho1 today to use and see if any improvement on just using my CD or Sonos into the pre amp. Not sure it will but at 130 quid for this very reasonable dac it’s worth a go


Just about sorted now :slight_smile:


VTA looks high on that one :slight_smile:


Nice, when you have more cash, a top arm would set it off nice.


Prolly just the shit arm.

Need to spend a fair bit to better it and don’t have it right now.


Are you using the Pm4?


I am


I still have a pretty decent TVC pre and Class A Power amps but the PM-4 just does everything right; to these ears anyway :slight_smile: so I don’t feel the need to swap it out.


Quad 405-2 up and running


Long time coming, and at one point I thought it was a gonner, but thanks to the skill and perseverance of our very own @Valvebloke , the Graaf has finally returned to life :slightly_smiling_face::heart_eyes:


He’s a bit good at sorting poorly Graaf stuff is Graeme. Even without a circuit diagram


Hiya Rick.

Is there another Exodus from the other place ?


No idea Mike. Hardly use anywhere lately. Except when I’m on the hunt :wink:


Ah, that’ll be it then.

Have fun !


Remembered your login then mate :grinning: ?



Very true! Still got your Graaf phono stage Rick?


I have mate yes. Still not heard anything to replace it.


just as an update the little teac ud ho1 did nothing at all with the sacd player as a transport . no difference at all in sound . however running the sonos into the dac lifted the performance of the sonos substantially . well worth the modest outlay