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Some cavalry trooper is going to get his balls chewed off for this

I found this quite interesting! :sunglasses:

Apparently in 4 months time I shall be regarded as elderlly, according to news media. With all these aches and pains, medication and health reviews, I hadn’t realised i was still in the first flush of youth. No doubt a review of pensionable age will take place in light of this revelation.

A pedant might point out that an elderly person is someone who seems to be, or behaves as if they are, an old person. Oh.

The Roman flexible hour -

Interesting. Be a lot easier to do, digitally, today.

And I suspect it would help relieve stress and other mental health issues.

I need a pork clock.

How very disappointing. No pics of the Porcological timepiece referenced :frowning:

There’s a lot of effort put into chronometry, and a lot of detail, and ‘issues’ are as much social as physical (we could leave the clocks alone and just work 8-to-4 in the summer, but everyone wants to number their working day 9-to-5, no matter how long or short the day is), Working for a much longer (absolute) time in the summer is a much more fundamental thing than just changing the numbers on the hours. I’m glad most of us have given up working from sun-up to sun-down, whenever they might be…

I once asked a muslim guy who worked for me how he coped when Ramadan fell in the summer and he had to fast for 16 hours. He said he was OK with that. It was harder when it fell in the winter because he was committed to praying five times in daylight and he was at work pretty much all the daylight hours.

It would probably help shift workers. But shift workers are- in general- ignored as a number are im occupations seen as unimportant…

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Ain’t that the truth :angry:

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Far from gay sex magically becoming legal in the UK back in 1967, numerous anti-gay laws persisted until as recently as 2013, and the last prosecution for gay sex was as recent as 1998! Old article, but well worth a read:

Brexit freedoms used to slash red tape for businesses Brexit freedoms used to slash red tape for businesses - GOV.UK


Well at least we will have the right to get salmonella whilst sitting outside in the rain drinking overpriced warm beer. Self certification of food hygiene and removal of sensible training, is apparently what my stupid dad voted for.

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The Department will also lay out plans to redefine what a ‘medium business’ is so fewer firms have to produce lengthy ‘strategic reports’ - saving around 43,000 firms up to £150 million a year.

Which is then cancelled out (and more) by…

Estimates of the cost of the new checks are scarcely believable: the government admitted last October it would be in the order of £330m a year, which will inevitably pass to the consumer in prices.

Bunch of fuckwits