Shit you just now learned


Language Timothy :disappointed:


We’ve managed rows and punch ups in my extended family without using social media.


Mr Two Platters is a mod so can use as many c words as he likes.


My ex took me out this evening. We had a delicious meal, best for ages.

The news was that she got remarried on Monday, to her ‘new’ chap of twenty-five years.

I’m delighted he’s finally regularising the situation, which was supposedly awkward to someone doused in Catholicism.

Congratulations and my very best wishes to both. :confetti_ball:

( Long ago Bryony became an adopted sister to the family.)


Fair play mate - I couldn’t be that civilised to my ex-wife.


Me neither. The cow stole half my fucking records.






What you talkin’ 'bout Willis?


Pretty sure that’s what I wrote, grammar Nazi failure :rofl:


Pretty sure you edited it dude :slight_smile:


@MJ2 Mike, that, just on its own, has cheered me up mate. :fist:


Aim to please mate


You got off lightly. My ex partner used to quite regularly threaten me with a knife. She subsequently went on to stab the poor fucker she married after I got rid of her…


I love my boring suburban life. No stabbings so far.


Feck. Lucky escape methinks.


Me too / neither.


Never mind the stabbings

Fuck :scream:


It’s only been 20 years so it’s still a bit raw.


Not me. Well, not that bit anyway. At least I don’t think so.

Jesus, tonight has been tough on so many levels.