Shit you just now learned


Just starting to get a banging head and it’s not even morning yet. Shouldn’t drink on a school night. I am going to be so fucked tomorrow.


Me too mate. We never fucking well learn do we?


We certainly don’t



Not an awful lot more to learn, we’re already feckin ace at it.


On the bright side, I’m on a 10-6 tomorrow, and work is 10 minute bike ride away, so I’m having another beer.


If I had the energy I would join you… At least I am WFH tomorrow :sunglasses:


When I split up with one ex, we decided to go through the CDs and take one each in turn, to divide them fairly. It was quite good fun, actually.


No such process happened in our case, she just took all of her records (mostly U2 and Simple Minds and stuff) then went right through my stuff and helped herself to all the ltd editions, broke up complete sets of Joy Division, including an original translucent red Unknown Pleasures, New Order, The Smiths, early Pulp stuff etc etc. God knows how much it’d be worth these days.

To be fair, the physical amount of records and cds she took probably was approx 50% of the collection, but the bulk of it was stuff I’d bought before we were together.

I still haven’t managed to replace it all. :rage:


What half of her stuff did you get?


Seems like things at work have “gone sideways” and I am unable to connect and do my job.

Oh well…


Nowt, not that I’d have wanted it in any case. I left her the house, car, pretty much everything apart from my clothes, bike, the spare bed and an old telly. I also had a half share in a WW2 Jeep with her brother, just walked away from that too.

TBH, it was probably worth it to get away from her relatively unscathed.


She sounds delightful!


Fear and arousal, lovely bedfellows :grimacing:


She was fine until about a month before we split up, she just went absolutely fruit loops one day just after easter, she just launched at me and scratched the hell out of me. She moved out within a month and we were divorced by Christmas. I agreed to unreasonable behaviour to get it over and done with quickly. One of her grounds was that I once chased her around the house with a fresh trout. Which, to be fair, was true. Didn’t stop her eating it after I’d roasted it with lemongrass and ginger.:roll_eyes:

I went back to collect some stuff just after the Decree Absolute came through, she went into the kitchen to make us a brew, came back out naked and proceeded to try every form of persuasion from seduction to threats of violence to get me to shag her.

Still not sure what went on in her head in those few months.



That’s an incredibly rapid change in behaviour.


More fear, you must have been hard as a baseball bat in winter :grinning:


I doubt it, she was pretty anti drugs. Wouldn’t even touch a joint.

I think some kind of cerebral switch just flipped one day.



The network…

It’s back!

It’s gone again!

Unable to work…


Sorry, that sounds like a really horrible situation, but the fresh trout made me laugh.