Shit you just now learned



What she left out was that as we were running around the house like a pair of kids, laughing our heads off, I was pretending to be The Cat from Red Dwarf and was singing “gonna eat you little fishy (x3), ‘cos I like eatin’ fish…”


If only she’d had a smart phone.



That’ll suit @Rob998’ s daughter then :grinning:


Twit. :slight_smile:



I didn’t realise this is where they got the name of the band from


The best karaoke song for those who can’t sing - Tequila


Nup, defo Buid me up Buttercup.

Believe me, I know.


I feel for you, really I do, my imaginations taken over.
Anyone record it ? :grin:


Thankfully, for all concerned, no.


Surely something by Napalm Death would be more suitable? Has the advantages of no-one knowing if you’re out of tune and being able to get away from the mic in seconds rather than minutes.


The beauty of Tequila is that it is one word spoken three times throughout the entirety of the tune. What can possibly go wrong ( unless you forget the word, try to be melodic/pissed or both).


Newcastle United’s chief scout is Alan Carr’s dad


he should be in the cock punching thread for fathering that loathsome twat


Asbestos is baaaaad.


It’s OK if served with butter.


Salted obviously.


Can not be that bad, you could buy boxes of asbestos flakes to use as pretend snow at chr241D580C00000578-2877643-image-m-25_1418829580574 istmas


Made that a bit more accurate.