Shit you just now learned


Wow - didn’t know you could un-dad a child


He is a Director, former manager and player for the Cobblers, the supporters’ bar is even named after him.

The 1986-87 team he managed is the best I have seen in 40 odd years of supporting.

No nonsense Geordie who couldn’t be more different to his son. They seem to get on well though which is nice.


You know what I mean Ya Radge!


Salt on your asbestos?? Disgusting!

Bacon and hot sauce is the appropriate way to serve asbestos. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Did you know that after every festival, specially wet ones, every tent. pole, groundsheet and marque has to be washed dried, folded, dried again, folded again etc. and packed. Then lifted onto shelves.

Well I fucking didn’t until today! :tired_face:

And I have a car full of small sections to do Saturday.


Never realised Brian from Babylon and gimme gimme gimme was Dennis bovells brother



Unidirectional bezels on diver’s watches are a fail safe mechanism,

Once the dive time has been set, any accidental movement of the bezel can only result in a dive time being shortened. Whereas use of a bidirectional bezel would introduce a 50/50 chance that the dive time would be extended. The latter is bad juju.


I wish I had known this for my recent holiday.

I could have set dive and decompression times thus avoiding the bends on the walk back to the sun bed. Everyone thought I was merely pissed on Efes. :slight_smile:


Didn’t know that Swatches were able to do more than tell the time.


You have a Rolex, it is designed for pool and bar side bragging duties only :slight_smile:

Mind you, that appears to be 80% of your life these days, work is an inconvenience.


Too bloody right Bob, he has more holidays than Prince William :sunglasses:


He certainly gets more print space about his holidays :slight_smile:


Fact I did not know: More Americans practise yoga than watch NASCAR

(Quite why they’re all so FUCKING FAT from doing yoga, I don’t know. Yet)


Two completely different groups of murricans - the health freaks and the fat cunts. Guess which ones watch NASCAR?


The racist-pig Trump-voting rednecks?



Looks more like a Strayan motorsport aficionado :unamused:


Not a yoga guru then?


Could be :thinking:


I’m all confused. Having never been to a bakeoff, and having never met him, is that Oz?