Shit you just now learned


Yeah, there are a few for birds too. They are, without exception, hopeless.


What’s it called? I have a strange plant in my front garden I’ve been having trouble identifying!


Ive used that on the few occasions I’ve been stupid enough to drive into London. Its good.




Related - I always thought that the Genesis song Return of the Giant Hogweed was a bit of Peter Gabriel fantasy/social commentary, but it turns out the invasion is real.





We have an amazing amount of them along the local railway line in summer will need to get a few photos - that song always pops into my head when I see them.


I know what you mean, I’m always tempted to scrawl THEY ARE INVINCIBLE and THEY SEEM IMMUNE TO ALL OUR HERBICIDAL BATTERING on those signs when I see them :slightly_smiling_face:


Around every river and canal their power is growiiing


The next meteor shower could be one to avoid.


Exposure to the sap of Giant Hogweed leads to blistering caused by photo sensitivity. Nasty stuff.


Pictures of the blisters are real horror show like :scream:


Yep. I reported some to Bristol City Council a few years ago that was growing by the River Frome in St Pauls. It must have been 10-12 feet tall, proper triffid. It looks like Cow Parsley on steroids.


Don’t I know it! Bloody stuff


Mostly courtesy of Lucy Worsley’s TV programme last night on the American Civil War:

The premiere of Gone With The Wind was in Atlanta in 1939. It was a big deal, attended by almost all the film’s stars (Wikipedia says 300,000 people turned out to line the streets for the 7-mile limo procession to the cinema). But not Hattie McDaniel, who went on to receive the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as the slave Mammy. Georgia’s segregation laws meant she wasn’t allowed to sit with the white people. The organisers did, however, book a black choir and dressed them in 19th century plantation costumes to sing at the event. One of the children in the choir was the 10-year-old Martin Luther King.



I like Lucy Worsley. Very easy to watch/listen to. Her series on the ‘done to death’ six wives of Henry VIII was made to seem surprisingly fresh.



Oh yes. I have had “fun” dealing with this when coding things to load textual data into various systems.


Ugh. Sympathies.


Sharks have been around longer than Mount Everest… 60 million years against 400 million ish.