Shit you just now learned


Food isn’t great for you either.



Sausages got the nickname Bangers during the rationing era due to their high water content, because when the water turned to steam they had a tendency to explode, hence the now redundant need to prick sossies.


Good tip - I still do every time, both sides.


Ruins 'em. Fat is flavour. Prick a sausage and you lose fat.


Good point - problem is I have plenty of fat to loose myself, rather quickly tbh.


Ah, but not all fat is bad fat.


And it lose.




yep :laughing:




I’ve just ordered the recommended “Low and Slow : How to cook Meat” book.

Wonders await on the Barbie this year.


Indeed, a sausage without fat is only fit for the bin.

I will be embarking on some sausage making* soon, results will be in the pigging out thread.

*Lou bought me a sausage mincer/filler machine thingy :+1:


Lopwell or Settle brekkies sorted then…:stuck_out_tongue:


Lopwell, no. I doubt they would let me bring them on a flight :wink:

Settle, maybe, I’ll be coming by car :+1:


Before we sit round the fire at Lopwell should we all be pricking ourselves with forks? (Apart from Steve obvs)


Plenty of pricks sitting by the fire already…


Aren’t they square up that neck of the woods.


“My God - it’s full of stars”


The campfire sessions (Acapella mix) :face_vomiting:


My God… Its full of Cunts. :slight_smile: