Shitty party

After some mumsnet type advice here.
This has the approval of Mrs Pilgrim too.
It’s our daughters 10th birthday tomorrow and Mrs P has booked a local hall and DJ for a disco.
But …. Daughter developed the diarrhoea during school on Tuesday and has been off yesterday and today.
Though it does seem to be better today.

Mrs P isn’t sure whether to cancel the party or not ?
The money for the party is irrelevant, it’s just if it’s deemed irresponsible to let it go ahead.

How would you feel about your kids attending in the circumstances?

Inform parents and see how many wat to cancel.


Perhaps it was a 48 hr bug thing?

That’s what we’re hoping. They have to stay off school for 48 hours. Just wondering how other parents would feel really .
It’s going strong the schools anyway which is where Marley has picked it up most probably.
Mrs P and myself are both fine so far.

if she doesn’t have a temp, the squits have gone and she’s feeling ok I’d probably put it down to a school bug and proceed.


Having children of the same age, if your daughter is feeling up to it, and likely to enjoy it, I’d say that’s proof she is recovered enough not to be passing it on. Likelihood is others in her class will have had/picked it up. I might be wrong, but pre-Covid I don’t think we were all as sensitive to these things.

I’d let my girls go if I knew the birthday girl had recovered! Hope she has a great time if it goes ahead.

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It’s 48 hours symptom free to go back into a commercial kitchen. I’d say if that’s satisfactory for commercial food production, it’s definitely fine for a kid’s party.

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Just let it go ahead and see how it runs.


Possibly not the best form of wording in the circumstances.

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You think?


As a parent I wouldn’t care, they get exposed to so many bugs anyway. As long as she’s ok to go to school on that day, I’d let my child attend.

I would want to know though, as a courtesy.

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Thanks for the replies guys. The responses pretty much echo how we feel but it was good some other parents thoughts.
Like Spenagio says , pre Covid e probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Just on the off chance she is still buggy make sure you get her to lick all the cups and plates that the parents you don’t like use.


Haha you’ve got to love the little germ spreaders.
At the very beginning of Covid she was off school with a temperature and all the symptoms. I came home late from work, made some soup to eat. Left it unattended for a couple minutes. After she says your soup was nice. She’d used my spoon. Licked it clean them put it back on the table! :joy:


Get a petting zoo sheep in and add ‘fun sheep / bleach dip experience’ to the itinerary.