Should I keep my nutsack shaved

One of the consequences of my recent vasectomy is that my nutsack and surrounding area was given a thorough clipping of all hair by the surgeon. Now that it’s started to grow back, I’m wondering if I should keep up this new found state.

  • Yes, keep it smooth as a smooth thing with an extra special reason to be smooth
  • No, nature intended for it to be hairy, even if we don’t really know why

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Definitely. Makes you more aerodynamic.

Pro - You’ve discovered an inch you never knew you had.

Con - You’ll discover an itch you wish you never had.


Where is the “Seriously don’t give a fuck” option? :smiley:

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Un trimmed is the way of Zeus. Essential oils and musks are created by the testicular beard - To tame them is to become half a man and besides who wants to look like a 10 year old.?


Ask what partner prefers and do that.


Connery. :slight_smile:


This poll is rigged, no option for trimmed/racing stripes etc.
Bad (or sick) guy.

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shorn gives no option for using:

(a) A pube comb
(b) Hipster pube balm.
© Hipster pube oil.

but it does allow more surface area for piercings…

if you do remain shorn then I wouldn’t recommend:


Given that I’ve been shaved from chest to pubes for my resection I’m voting smooth, if only to distract me from the fecking itching!!!

Arrgghhhhh :rage:

What about waxing anyway?

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Yep, that is a great idea. Pour hot wax over your favourite portions and then, once it has cooled, use it to rip yourself to shreds. Are you mad??


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many years ago after losing a bet with my wife, I had one leg waxed once…not something I’d recommend, neither is threading for that matter. I don’t know about sugaring though.

It drops out when you get old…

Depends on who’s doing the shaving. :slight_smile:

Yes, self shave with a blunt razor. Live dangerously.

I have given mine the very tiniest of trims in the past. My winky isn’t really big enough to fully shave. It would look silly.
Tis an expolsion of ginger curlies at the moment when I depant.

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