Should I keep my nutsack shaved

Looks like he has eaten Tina Turner feet 1st.


Can I have the shavings?

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Probably only matters for recumbant bikes

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or marching down the street shouting “ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT”

I can’t personally reach marching speeds where aerodynamics become significant.

That Ed fucking Sheeran. He gets everywhere.


I favour the shorn scrotum. Takes a little getting used to but is very pleasant once the warmer weather sets in.

Recommend close clipping as opposed to waxing mind. My wife kindly offered to carry out the deed but was nearly out the front door before the pubes gave way such was the elasticity of my middle aged scrote in summertime.

No…waxing is definitely a young mans game. In winter. :slight_smile:

Perhaps an erection to pull things taut would help?

I was amused by Ian Botham’s quote in this advert…

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I’m sure many men would confront their erectile dysfunction head on if they had the requisite flexibility? Generally it is other parties that refuse?

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don’t forget the post shave buffing wax to keep the sack smooth and shiny

try some rub’n’buff


“Use on… antiques…” Snigger


For best results surfaces should be clean, dry and dust free.

That’s bumtel fucked. :slight_smile:

A Mr. MWS pubic service announcement

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A cushion against friction :wink:

Great album title

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This is the stuff to use, to keep your sacks sweet!

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