Show us your Baps


Kiteboarding with Richard Branson is within your grasp!


I think they are boomerangs, not that I’m an expert.


I’m afraid you are rong. I have no idea what they are though.


Maybe they are EU approved cucumbers?


Cucumbers grown in soil fertilised with the contents of Olan’s drainage bag?


Not possible. Nothing could survive that.


Oi! There was no drainage bag this time! Donald was removed with a nice sharp blade and incinerated. In my view, this should be the only permissible way to deal with any Donald who troubles your sleep and digestion for more than a week. A Donald with a comb over might require some additional prodding with a pitchfork, playtime with some hungry gibbons, and a firm boot or three to the nadgers before blade and flame are applied though.

I asked the surgeon for a photo of Mr Lump and promised not to put it on facebook :innocent:. He’ll email it to me next week. I’ll see if it is worth posting. The scar is a beauty though. Looks like I’ve been run through with a cutlass just below the solar plexus. Modesty forbids me from posting a snap though.


So tru… :mask:


More chocolatey goodness.[URL=][/URL]


I made Mary Berry’s sticky toffee pudding & sauce today. Oof!


That’s going on the menu here, next week! Looks bloody gorgeous.


It is & very easy to make too.


Big shop in Lerwick on Monday, much cream to be bought :grinning:


Sticky toffee pudding is in my top 5 puds alongside rhubarb crumble, apple pie, bread & butter pudding and eton mess.

Will try that next week.


This morning, had a go at hot cross buns (Delia Smith recipe).

There were 12 but our son ate one while we were out.

I had one when we got back from the beach, toasted & with some butter.


The sticky toffee pudding should be coming out of the oven in 15 mins!


Straight from the oven

An adequate portion (approx 15,000 calories, I would estimate!)

Now I’m stuffed.


Needs moar double cream!

It’s a nice flavour isn’t it?


Yes, it’s bloody lovely. I think I might try it with vanilla ice cream next.


Clotted cream