Show us your Baps


Looks proper!


Well I am bap up and running - Shaping is a bit rusty but they are very tasty


Great to see you back Andy, some skinny bloke hijacked your account :smile:


Cheers - I have quite missed doing this - The plan is once a week session.
Tis 216 calories a throw incl 90 grams of carbs without filling it.


How do you manage to get four ladies to lay so close to one another?


I simply asked “can I see your baps” the rest is history


Today a version on Guy’s wholemeal loaf but made without a tin.Quite tatty looking


Just out of practice… :grimacing: it is quite a wet mix. I found shaping quite difficult but after a few they improved appearance


It’s been a couple weeks with no home loafing, so I got back into it and pulled these couple out the oven




Back to the grind


Here’s a batch of baps for a picnic tomorrow


Pissing down this afternoon which curtailed any outside work, so took to the kitchen and made some chicken and mushroom ‘empanadas’

Had some pastry left so made a few apple and cinnamon wotsits


Janbald’s 60 birthday cake. Our 2 collies, Bramble and Basil and our horse Bryn in a field.


Many Happy Returns Jan :tada:


The summer alternative to muffins?

Pasteis de Natas. (Portuguese custard tarts


It’s raining - Surely a good day for Curd making?


Nice. One of my favourite things.


Had my first stab at actually making a loaf properly over the weekend (i.e. No bread machine). Nothing spectacular but perfectly edible:


I dream about bread…:drooling_face: