Sick of all the Southerners taking all the bandwidth with their namby pamby 'bakeoffs'?

Yeah tuk tuk is very nice, and very near me. Still think Mother India is better

What like battered Mars bars and cans of Special Brew?

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it was you that suggested that restaurant - very nice it was.

We shall be back N. of the border again this summer on grand journey number 2.

I thought he got fed up with all the agro he was receiving and binned it?

AFAIK another one is planned in Durham

Ah good, he always came across as a nice guy on pfm (besides liking prog of course)

He is a nice guy.

I’ve been to a few NEBO events and they were ok. One or two nobs there, but generally a decent lot. As they were always held in pubs (or a couple of times in a licensed cafe) drink was always free flowing.

Very little prog was played :wink

I and about 30 other students lived at no 2 for a couple of summers in the late 70’s when it was a masonic lodge. I’ll never forget going back after we were supposed to have left and catching the masons taking part in some sort of cleansing ritual to neutralise the fact that roughly half of us were women and we’d all slept in their temple. I think they suspected us of carnal goings on under the ever-watchful gaze of the all-seeing eye. Chance would have been a fine thing since a) we were completely exhausted from the effort of building a theatre and putting on plays and b) as far as I could tell none of the women was prepared to get jiggy in the company of that many strangers.

My other memory is of the pub a couple of doors up. We only went in once. I (aged 19 or so) ordered a couple of scotches and two pints of lager to which the barman’s immediate response was “All whisky is Scotch and we don’t serve soft drinks here sonny”. We didn’t stay long.


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Possibly the Blue Blazer, a domain name I owned for years, and still my login for a lot of forums.

I once ended up there in the middle of the Embra gangster’s Christmas night out. Giant blokes with pony tails in sharkskin suits a-go-go.

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Oops ! Now the red wine’s worn off I’ve just checked the map and found that we lived on Johnston Terrace, not Castle Terrace (curiously Johnston Terrace is the one which runs round the side of the castle and Castle Terrace tees off it). The pub I’m remembering would have had a more traditional name. I see from streetview that it’s become a restaurant now. We took to drinking in The Ensign Ewart across the road which is still there though. And down by the theatre we drank mostly in The Waverley. The streetview pic of that has shutters over the windows. That wasn’t the case when we were there but they did keep a set of window-shaped plywood sheets behind the bar as we discovered one night when our evening was disturbed by a cobble coming in through one of them. The barman didn’t bat an eye. He shuffled through the stack of plywood, found the piece for that window, took it outside and screwed it in place. Dustpan and brush for the broken glass, replacement pints for the one or two which had been knocked over, evening continued unperturbed. Presumably some dispute over turf or religion or footba’ or some such …


No need for them to venture North soon. :slight_smile:

Before I had Satnav I used to plan journeys using streetview. At some stage a business idea occurred to me. There’s a local coach company which puts on tours of scenic places - the Lake District, the Cairngorms, even abroad (the beauties of Eire etc). As far as I can tell this involves sitting on a bus and watching the world go by, with stops for a wee and a cuppa every so often and overnight stays in inexpensive hostelries. I reckon that the whole thing could be done (even) more cheaply by parking the bus up in a garage and screening movies made up from streetview outside. You’d be able to get ‘proper’ tea (i.e. not the sort they drink abroad) and go home to your own bed each night. There would be no need to tax or MOT the bus either. What’s not to like ?



Sounds ideal!