Simon, I salute you

…And quite a few others too, from the 70’s right through to into the '80’s.

Virgin and Island probably had the biggest impact on me as a young record-shopper.

The Faust Tapes though…if I had to give up all my records bar one album, this would be the one.

It has everything! :boom:

Not really worth it’s own thread, but hey.


I bought the Faust Tapes when it was released because it was 49p.
I played it once and wondered if it was so cheap because some one had recorded them tuning up and there might be some songs on the next one?
They even managed to put their own name in the Bridget Riley print they used as a cover although you had to hold it an oblique angle and squint to see it. Or maybe you just had to be stoned, I can’t remember!
Anyway I still have my copy It has been over 40 years since I played it last :grinning:

Seriously, it’s a masterpiece-high time you played it again! :smile:

it is at least 30 years since I’ve listened to it. I have given up much of the recreational habits that made Faust so interesting at the time.

I might go wild and try listening to it after two extra strong cups of Yorkshire Tea one day soon…:disappointed: