Sir Roger Moore RIP


After a short battle with cancer.

The Saint, James Bond, The Persuaders and his charity work.
What a gent.


Yes, a sad day all round… :cry:


My favourite Bond by a mile. RIP


Oh no! Brilliant chap and the Bond a grew up with I guess.

What a shame :frowning:
RIP Roger.


great actor and good all round bloke RIP


Recently I’ve been watching re-runs of The Persuaders - always liked his double act with Mr. Curtis


Yep, a thoroughly decent bloke apparently - maybe it would be providential for him to be canonised for his charity work :+1:


Sad. First Bond I ever saw.


Live And Let Die is superb. One of my favs.


Yes,live and let is my favourite bond film by far.


I like how he said at 50+ he felt he couldn’t do justice to the sex scenes in bond film with much younger actresses.
And he waited till he was in his 50’s to decide that RESPECT


Nat Geo tonight at 10pm is Car S.O.S, a Roger Moore special in one of his last television appearances, fixing up one of the cars in The Saint.


We’ll be raising an eyebrow in his honour.



I met him a few times, lovely bloke with a great sense of humour.


Did you suit him?


No he was a customer where I used to work, my colleague handled the fittings. Used to chat with him though.


Ooh Moonraker is just starting on TV