SL1210 Help Please

I got home last night to find the new Lambchop album waiting for me. Amps were fired up, record unwrapped and placed on TT. TT spinning but the sound coming out was appalling. I tried another record and got the same - vocals seemed ok, but the instruments were all over the place. Then I noticed that the timing dots on the platter were moving back & forward.

WTF is going on? Never had this before on the Techy. I’m not, as many of you know, in anyway technically minded so would appreciate any pointers as to the cause. Could it be terminal or a simple fix? I should say that I hadn’t had a chance to play a record since last weekend, but had left the weight (440g) sitting on the spindle for the week. Could this have affected the speed?

Thanks, in advance, for any help.

Yours, in distress,


Have you lifted the platter off and tried to turn the spindle by hand? Do you feel any resistance?

Haven’t done anything yet. Just turned off the TT and muttered ‘fuck’ a lot. I’m currently at work but will try yours, and anyone else’s, suggestions when I get home .

I’ll report back later.

The weight will not affect the speed, it will just put a bit more wear on the bearing when in use.

Most likely a cap or resistor gone out of spec, but lift the platter off and try the bearing.

Thanks - I’ll give that a go later.

Looks as if there a few possibilities:

Cheers Dave. Looks like I’ll need to find a repair guy somewhere local. Anybody have any names I can contact Kent / Sussex way?

Update: taken the platter off and spun the spindle. All seems good there. Looks like it could be something as discussed above in the DIY link. Now just wondering whether it’s worth the cost of repair or ditching and buy something else. Guess I won’t know until someone takes a look.
Fuck, I’m pissed off!

Worth fixing as they are worth about £350 in any kind of nick.

I’ve got an SL-7 I can send you in the interim, if it helps.

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I had the ic that drives the motor fail on my 1210. Same symptoms and the replacement wasn’t too expensive. That’s not to say that you have tge same fault, of course.

Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to find someone competent to do the work.

Still looking for that competent person, preferably reasonably local. Anyone got any names they can put forward that would be good to do this work?