Fingers crossed Bob (where I can :slightly_smiling_face:).

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Hope it’s just a tweak and nothing more serious.

Bugger, hope all goes well.

Fingers crossed here Bob :crossed_fingers:

Ouch, hope it’s nothing too bad mate, GWS.

Best of luck with it Bob :crossed_fingers:

GWS Bob.

Also, don’t Google the symptoms, it’s probably a sign of anal cancer. :skull:


All the best Bob. GWS.

Well turns out there is a 99 percent chance that the tendons went tight due to a spasm and in 7 to 10 days time they will be fine. Lots of Netflix and rest required along with Naproxen and Trammies, plus a gut liner for the naproxen. He also threw me on Statins.

On the small chance this doesn’t work I’ll need an MRI. Doc, who also works in A&E said it would take 5 weeks if he ordered one up so strongly suggested I go to AE if needed, present it as a new injury and I’ll get an MRI via the bone consultant within 3 days.

If you have to game the system, the system is fucked.


You do have to.

The NHS is pretty compartmentalised down here and all the compartments are underfunded. So there’s pressure on their part to pass you over to someone else or, if they can’t do that, to string out your treatment over long enough that you’re not burning through resource at a high rate. You might not be getting better very quickly either, but as far as the beancounters are concerned that’s secondary. At least they’ve got you off the waiting list.

In this case Graeme, it’s the same people taking and analysing the MRI.

I literally have to present to AE even though I don’t have a life threatening injury, just to gain quicker access to the scanner. Fucking mental.

Guy’s second law of medicine* holding good today :frowning_face:

* when they say “test” this inevitably results in you getting something shoved up your ass


5 weeks, you lucky lucky bastard.

My mum was in agony, went to see the GP and had an x-ray that came back with an anomaly but they couldn’t be sure so she needed an MRI, GP told her earliest he could book was 3 months time.

Brother lives opposite a consultant orthopedic surgeon, he saw my mum, she had an MRI 3 days later and he confirmed she had broken her thigh bone due to the cancer drugs she’s taking. He did this all on the NHS and said he had no issues booking MRIs or CT scans within a few days.

She now has, what we suspect, is a trapped nerve in the shoulder. GP says it will be 3-6 months for a referral. Brothers neighbour had a word, she had an appointment this week.

NHS staff are fantastic, the equipment is fantastic but the system is fucked.


I had to do the same thing to get into the gastro ward for my colitis. Otherwise i was told it would take at least six months. Got kept in for a week then put on the correct course of treatment. I would have struggled to deal with the symptoms for another six months as I was in a severe flare up.

How’s the eye?

This is how fucked up the NHS is.

When the council sold the land where they had an old mental hospital the sale stipulated that the developers build a new hospital.

They built a nice new hospital with 4x operating theatres, ward with 8 beds, X-ray, MRI scanner and chemo unit.

The local trust were not using it (fuck knows why) and it is now providing services via private healthcare companies (with the PCT buying services from them)

It’s a fucking joke

Not great. It might have gone down a bit today?

Thank you for asking.


Spoke too soon. It assploded a few minutes ago :laughing: :nauseated_face: :laughing:

Probably the stress of driving to Waitrose earlier!!

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@Gyroscope Surely you get Waitrose to deliver?