About 50/50. This trip is a way of deliberately using the car, which otherwise hasn’t moved in ~6 weeks.

The car is useful when we want to, say, put 700 miles on doing a slingshot around Wales but the rest of the time we’re left with inventing reasons to turn it over.

There might be a busines opportunity for someone there.
Instead of dog walking services maybe taking a car for a spin services.
Or combine both.
Take the dog for a walk 30 miles away!

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We once got to house-sit for someone rent-free and utilities for free for 2 months on the condition that I switched the lights on and off in the evenings and took their car out for half an hour once a week. We already had a rental apartment so we sub-let that and one way and another we were quids-in (OK dollars-in as we were in the US).

Calling 111 at about 7:30 this morning because the severe pain in my leg hadn’t improved since the weekend. Sensible questions then the said they’d forward their report to my GP who would be in contact “sometime during the morning”.

Less than half an hour later they called me and arranged an appointment for 10:40 this morning. By 11:30 I’d left with a diagnosis (sciatica) and a box of co codamol, which are proving very effective.

Colour me impressed.


Have been in hospital since before lunchtime on Sunday. Woke up with epic abdominal pains which had just been a niggle on Saturday.

Turns out I have a nasty case of gastritis and an epic case of colitis. Much morphine has been dispensed. A course of i/v antibiotics has been prescribed.

Given my history with the yellow this was a nightmare weekend. I am still in A&E which isn’t helping but the staff are being brilliant.


Sorry to hear you are unwell.
Glad you are being looked after well.
Keep fighting the good fight!

You don’t do stuff by half do you Ólan?

GWS mate.

Hang on in there Ólan, and get well soon.

All the best, Ólan. Get well soon.

Trying to gather evidence of the Tory destruction of the NHS from the inside - well played sir :+1:

GWS soon Ólan.

Get well soon Olan, and enjoy the opioids while you can.

Get well soon Olan.

All the very best Ólan, hope you have a full and speedy recovery

All the best Olan, hoping you have a speedy recovery!

GWS soon Ólan. Hope you get home soon.

Best wishes Ólan, hope it can be cleared quickly

GWS Olan

Atb Olan :+1::+1::+1:

So it wasn’t a trapped nerve, she had the appt with my brothers neighbour and a specialist. They took one look at her hand which was blue, looked very worried and suspect it’s a blocked artery rather than trapped nerve. He passed his notes on to her GP who then phoned her and said he suspects the pain is due to arthritis and not a blocked artery.

Yesterday she had an appt with the GP (that he had requested as they had forgotten to schedule her cancer bone scan due last year) where he said “right what are you here for” so she said you asked me to come in. Once again he said the pain in her arm is down to arthritis.

Last night she had a TIA, ambulance arrived within 15mins, gave her an aspirin and said they won’t take her to hospital as it had passed and she would be waiting hours to be seen.

Dad phoned the GP this morning to get a referral to the stroke unit for her. Ambulance service had sent the notes to him and his response was “yes I’ve got them but don’t really understand what they are saying” following lots of waffling my dad got fed up. Phoned my brothers neighbour and within 30mins he had her booked in for this Thursday.

From the NHS website that the GP could have quite easily just googled.

If a TIA is suspected, you should be offered aspirin to take straight away. This helps to prevent a stroke.

Even if the symptoms disappear while you’re waiting for an ambulance to arrive, you still need to be assessed in hospital.

You should be referred to see a specialist within 24 hours of the onset of your symptoms.

Trying to resist the urge to throttle the GP at the moment.


hope it clears up soon.