How did the meeting with the consultant go? The chemo is no fun is it? At least you are plowing your way through the cycles so hopefully the benefit will be clear on the PET scan in terms of reduction in size of the tumour.

Really pleased to hear that that Claire is feeling a bit better. My best to you both Graeme.

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Saw my consultant at lunchtime,
He was very pleased with the PET scan result but still wants to complete six cycles of chemo - I start the third cycle on Tuesday.
Because of the good scan they are removing the Bleomycin from my chemo which hopefully will reduce the side effects I’m having.

My main issue over the last two weeks has been my fingers and hands - an infection in my left index finger and pain and numbness in all my other digits, especially thumbs, plus a rash on my right hand. I really struggle to open screw top bottles, ring pull cans etc and even locking my front door hurts when the key digs into my fingers.
This is a known side effect of the chemo but it can be permanent even after chemo is stopped and so it needs careful monitoring as if it gets worse and really starts to affect my life they will have to stop the chemo and look at radiotherapy.
He is going to reduce the dosage of the chemo drug that he thinks is causing it and has given me a three month supply of the antibiotic I was given for my finger to try to keep on top of things.


That sounds promising, rashes and numbness in the fingers notwithstanding. Midpoint of the chemo course coming so nearly halfway there.

I had a CV-19 jab yesterday. I am utterly fucked today.


I was told I am not allowed a CV-19 or flu jab until four weeks after the end of chemo.

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I feckin’ wish I hadn’t had it. I hope it is the jab or I’m having the worst chemo day today.


We took our youngest to clinic on Wednesday gone , it’s 12 months since he finished his chemo for NHL and his bloods etc are normal. I’ve tried not to nag you on here but please mate just take whatever they give you and keep your chin up , there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Yvonne is now back home which makes us both very happy. Dr’s pleased with post op recovery and Yvonne is finding pain at the moment manageable. They have also supplied two weeks supply of pain relief etc, which is much better than they did with a similarly painful operation ten years ago. All in all a better than expected experience. Just fingers crossed now for recovery, lymph node test and April scan.


Brilliant news about your son’s recovery Jon. That must be a huge relief for all parties concerned.


Great news Paul. Good luck with the tests.


Just a quick note to say that I am genuinely lost for words the way that you fuckers are dealing with all this.

Paul, Olaf The Yellow, Greame’s Claire and Paul’s Yvonne… not forgetting MJ2’s scare and subsequent recovery.

It’s a bloody hard read this thread, but also rather inspiring.


It is mate , thank you. I feel so sorry for him at times , everything that could go wrong did, he graduated and then COVID turned up . He started an MA and two thirds through he got a cancer diagnosis and he supports Everton.I’ll take this opportunity to say you are an inspiration to everyone in this thread with what you are living with and blah blah blah (don’t want to look too soft ). UTFT


Yesterday we were very surprised by SiL in NZ having a sudden emergency mastectomy. It now turns out that she had another one ten years ago.

She’s an absolutely lovely person so here’s crossing everything for her.

Also this morning there were ripples through the ex watch nerd world as an unmistakable collection turned up for auction. A lot of speculation on WhatsApp back channels and yeah he’s been told to get his affairs in order by his doctors.

You might have seen a very maudlin post regarding him a while back, that I subsequently deleted. He seems to be facing it with all the dignity that I would expect of him - he’s always been a complete one-off.


So yesterday Anne had her consultation with the Doc regarding her lung biopsy results and the great news is they didn’t find any cancer cells. So as you can imagine it’s a tremendous relief for us both as we were both braced for bad news.

The Doc says they’re not exactly sure what is going on in the area that showed up in the PET scan but they can at least rule out cancer. They will monitor her by PET scan, initally, every three months and if there isn’t any change they’ll go to every six months. It’s such a relief to know that she’ll still be monitored just in case.

Nice to be the bearer of some good news for a change. :+1:


Brilliant news. Must be a massive weight off your minds.

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Ace news Al :champagne:

More of this please.


That is good news !

We were warned more than once that inflammation can cause increased glucose metabolism and that that’s what PET sees. For a while they suspected that the hotspot on Claire’s pancreas was most likely pancreatitis. Sadly an MRI confirmed it was ‘a solid mass’.

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Yesss! Great news, so pleased for you both.

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Great news.

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Really pleased for you both.:+1:

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