Fingers crossed and best wishes for you and Sarah.

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Best wishes to you both Mike.

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Hope everything goes well Mike,

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Thanks chaps

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Taking my first “sickie” for quite some time (possibly years).
I’ve had a cold for a couple of days but yesterday it decided to infest my old asthmatic chest.
I was awoken last night by a coughing fit, followed by an inability to catch my breath. A couple of shots of my Symbicort 200 inhaler didn’t do anything. I went downstairs so as not to disturb Narelle, only to black out. I came to (thankfully not the bottom of the stairs) on the Living Room floor.
A couple more shots of the Symbicort and I was, at least, breathing. Laboured but breathing. Dialled 111, and was told to “wait and see”. Not what I wanted to hear but….I decided to do a Covid test - negative.

As it turned out, by about 0400 this morning, I was better but drained.
I now feel OK but completely exhausted.

Today was supposed to be my last of 7 Early turns, so I now have 4 days off to recover before starting 7 x Night shifts. Hopefully a decent night sleep and I will feel (relatively) human tomorrow.

Not anything as dramatic as some of you guys have, or are, suffering, but it certainly gave me a kick in the guts.


Oh dear Terry, sounds scary. Hope you have spoken with your GP today. It would do no harm if you’re able to see them over the next four days.

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Blacking out sounds relatively unpleasant. Hopefully it all clears up quickly Terry.

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Planning on talking to the surgery tomoz. They have been very good about getting me in recently. Mostly due to another ailment (which I will go into detail about at a later date).
I have tested my blood pressure and all is good.
So it may be related to my other issue.


Have you done a CovId test Terry? It’s rampant around here, Jenny an I both had it a few weeks ago and half the staff at surgery are off with it too.

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Yep, came back neg.

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Have you got a SpO² meter at home? We have a Phillips one that has been quite useful with various KettleJnr things to do with breathing.

No. Have never needed one. This has been a bolt from the blue.
I’ll discuss it with the doctor.

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I feinted yesterday at my routine blood test at my local gps , came to with oxygen and a drip in my arm and an air ambulance doctor and paramedics at my side. Suspected heart attack, I was apparently clutching my chest as I was unconscious first ever ride in an ambulance. ECGs later and all is good no issue with my heart thankfully.
Back to writing contractor reports within two hours.
I do have a history of feinting but it has been a while since I did.

Waiting for the bloods to come through today to make sure it’s nothing more than the feinting to worry about


That must have been quite stressful. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

Tbh I was a bit embarrassed to have caused all of the fuss when I finally got the ok from the heart doctor

Pleased it doesn’t seen too serious John.

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Phew !

Good to hear it wasn’t as serious as first feared John.

Take it easy Terry. Hope the GP can make some progress with this. And that the weather is nice enough for you to do the easy-taking outdoors, at least a bit (sadly it’s forecasting a cold wind at the moment).

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Glad it doesn’t appear to be serious John.

Relieved that’s not something serious but must have given yourself a scare.

It did when I came to

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