That’s just a cock and ball story…




One of his best


Of course


Anyone know anything about pus ? I was changing the plaster on my stitches this morning and one of them started oozing

It was no big deal. I used to have nearly this much out of spots when I was a teenager. This didn’t smell. The wound is not really sore or red and angry. I fear that the stitch has just become so tight it’s cutting off the blood supply and the tissue’s dying.

I might wander over to the GP with it. The stitches are due out on Monday morning but maybe I’ll see if I can persuade them to take them out before, just in case this acts up over the weekend when there’s no-one there.



Probably wise to get it looked at


Yup. Get it seen to.


Pair of pliers and tinsnips should do it :+1:


Doctor Doctor, i cut my finger off!

What, the whole finger?

No, the one next to it!



Even though @Valvebloke came from Lincolnshire, he only started with five fingers.


Five fingers and a thumb?


Still below average for there.


That is not great - as already said: docs, pronto. Might actually be a reaction to the stitches more than an infection.


Actually, as I pointed out to the sewing guy when I did it, of all my fingers that one’s probably my favourite.

OK, I’m booked in for later today. Let’s see what they say. It’ll be a trade-off between whipping the stitches out (this is day 10 and they said that for palm wounds they like 10-14 days to minimise the chances of the whole thing opening up again) and leaving them in causing this bit of grief.



why bother booking in - when you can DIY

cordless so you can get close to the work piece.

seal it up with something like this


Sadly I’m right-handed (for the moment, at least).



Well she took the stitches out, said it was 95% certain that the oozing was a response to the stitch not some foreign microbe, dressed it with Inadine and said if it looked at all worse in 24 hours then I had to go back.

So far, so good then.



Fingers crossed :wink:


Good evening, gentlemen and cunts.

Been absent for a while since I rather suddenly and unexpectedly joined the deep yellow club.

27 nights in hospital, three weeks at home, stacks of tablets and protein drinks, still very weak and wobbly.

Anyhow it reinforced my determination to get stuff done whilst still time.

So I’ve spent the last fortnight turning my system through 90 degrees, little by little each day.

And I’ve got some shiny brand new second hand shiny things to show off, courtesy of Audio Emotion, which I’ll photograph in the light tomorrow.