Yeah crimson blotches aren’t much fun


I’ve been trying to cut one of my drugs down for ages now. They think it might be causing my neuropathy, but it does really help with my disease.

So now for the fourth time I have cut down to a pill one day and half a pill the next, and my disease flares up. A pill a day is fine. Same every time.

And still I can’t work out if the neuropathy is improving on the lower dose.

So fucking annoying.


Big dose of steroids, no sleep. Meh.


This should be of great help with an other AA members who are feeling poorly or are afflicted by something esoteric like night witches.


Apparently 0275 was the old STD code for Clevedon, Dorset (now 01275). So that makes sense then.



A notorious hotspot for bilharzia and bad spelling.


I feel sorry for the man with one leg he needs a Brazilian.




Last time I cycled there, Clevedon was in North Somerset.


You are right of course. I’ve no idea where I got Dorset from*. Somerseters aren’t much better though.


*Oh, hang on,


Rank chesty cold :rage:


I’d put it second


/\ that was 14th April…

Turns out I have a tumor (a benign one thank fuck) at the back of my left eye causing several issues with my sight. After 2 trips to hospital, yesterday I had laser eye surgery to treat it. I have to say out of sunlight for 48 hours, they inject you with a chemical which makes your eyes and skin uber sensitive to light - I have some killer NHS sunglasses to wear.

The tests I’ve had, amongst other things, confirmed I’m very fortunate to have “beyond 20:20 vision”. I can read the bottom line on the eye test chart with my right eye (and they said I could with my left eye before this all kicked off). Because my right eye is so strong it was compensating for the deterioration in my left eye which I didn’t notice until a couple of months ago. The tumor has been there for a looong time.

The treatment went well and wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d built it up to be, totally painless, incredible technology. I may need a 2nd zap later in the year depending on what happens over the summer, long term prognosis looks good however.

I’d be lying if I said I’ve not been worried for the last couple of months.

The lesson here chaps is go for an eye test even if your sight it good. I’ve not had one for the best part 20 yrs because I’ve always been able to see everything. = Foolish (this could have been a lot worse).


Hope all goes well G.


Sounds like in a funny kind of way you were lucky - glad the treatment is going well, best wishes.


That cancer is a foooooooker. Good to hear that you have dodged a potential bullet.


Best moving forward Graham.


Cheers chaps.
Yes, I’m lucky in more than 1 way.


All the very best Graham. It sounds like they’ve got it nailed. I had laser eye treatment a long time ago now (15-20 years ?) to treat an entirely different thing. All the same, as a laser scientist it went very much against the grain. I’d spent half my life trying to make sure I didn’t get a laser beam in my eye. I guess yours was photodynamic therapy. Mates of mine worked on the laser side of that in the early days.



ATB Graham. Hope it (continues) to go well.