Thanks Graeme, yes it was Photodynamic Therapy (PDT).


As has already been said, a great result in a dark sort of way. Best of luck going forward Graham.


Is it too early for a ‘one in the eye for cancer’ comment? If it is, I’m probably more inclined to wish repeated boots to the figurative plums of that horrible disease anyway.


Best wishes for a positive outcome Graham.

Btw, we need pics of the ‘killer’ sunglasses :+1:

While wearing them, of course



Yesterday evening


totally this, as Louise discovered about 5 years ago when she was eventually diagnosed with Glaucoma in her left eye.

It was missed by one optician(they don’t do the puff of air test when you are under 40) and her GP, but spotted by another optician. Unfortunately it had robbed her of about 80% of peripheral vision in that eye. Now stable thanks to medication to lower intra ocular pressure and laser surgery to drill micro holes in her eyeball. Thankfully no sign of problems with the other eye


Wow mate, glad the procedure went well. It sounds like the prognosis is good.


Yep good news, you just don’t know what’s lurking inside, glad it was benign and treatable,


As an ex Dispensing Optician, I would also recommend regular eye examinations. There’s a lot of things they can detect which will not necessarily result in vision problems such as brain tumours ( causing raised ocular pressure), diabetes etc.



That looks really odd

if i didn’t know the story i would be wondering what very strange drugs did that! :exploding_head:

Glad you caught it in time Graham, anything with the potential for vision loss is very scary.


Agreed. Usually ingesting an extraordinary amount of blotter is required to get pupils like that.



Only if you lick half of it


They use eye drops to dilate the pupil so they can see inside and aim the “laser”. Lasts about 6ish hrs. Back to normal now.


Glad it’s gone well for you. It must have been worrying.


I had an eye test a couple of years ago and there was an anomaly. I was sent to have it looked at and had those drops. A bit fucking weird suddenly being so sensitive to sunlight. It was rather uncomfortable driving home*

*Just kidding. Narelle took me.


I had to go to Liverpool’s eye research centre for treatment.
3 and half hours in the car (as a passenger) yesterday evening coming home with low sun wasnt fun. A direct hit of UV with the drugs + an artificially wide eye is to be avoided at all costs, so I was told.


Didn’t they advise you to wear sunglasses? If they administered a mydriatic drug to open your pupil it’s going to be very fucking bright!




Yes, they gave me 100% uv blockers with side and top light protection.


and we are still waiting for the photograph of you wearing them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: