Small phono stage needed

I’m after a small MM phono stage. Small as in the Jerry T amp size or similar. Needs to be £100ish. I accept it will be meh sounding.

Rega, project, angle audio, Behringer…

Anyone have a clue which budget 'stage offers the most honest / transparent sound for the money?

Ta muchly

I use one of these,i really like it,but haven’t tried anything else for a long time to compare it against.

There are usually 1 or 2 2nd hand ones on ebay for around £80-£100,though nothing at the moment

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A friend has a Project Phono SE which he would sell for £65 delivered.

Within that budget there are plenty available new. Having had Project, and Rega, I would recommend Edwards Audio. Easily fits within budget but gives plenty of bang-for-your-buck.

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I have an original greame slew in a plastic box and wall wort psu if that suits you sir