Small / visually unobtrusive stands

Any suggestions?

Specifically for Amphion Argon1 which are 160mm wide and 265mm deep.

Thanks in advance.

Something Solid OTS.

Nice, thank you.

I’m curious - in the opening paragraph on that site, it states that “too much mass causes as many problems as it solves”. Can anyone explain why that might be the case? Just wondering, as I have my Royd Sintras on very heavy solid stands in the bedroom. They sound good to me, but if I’m compromising them in some way, I’d like to know about it. I’ve always assumed that the more inert a stand is, the better.

The PRaT believers always like to go with open frame, light stands. I imagine that this pushes any resonance (of the speaker/floor system) higher, and they love a frequency hump about 100Hz to get the rhythm going.

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Or if you like spindly, the XF (further down the same page)…


Painted in a relevant colour they would virtually disappear.

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Or if your glass is half full it solves as many problems as it causes.

I’d be surprised if the mass, its location, the stands’ stiffness and their couplings both to the floor and to the speakers could be isolated from one another in the overall way the system resonates. And there’s also the question of how much the stands tend to block sound which might be making its way round from the back of the speaker to the front. Just to focus on mass sounds like an oversimplification.


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I think these are nice but a bit spendy.

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Ooh, those are nice.

This is making my “low cost set up” less and less “low cost” :grin:

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not really a stand, but very reusable when you decide you don’t want stand mounted any more

Custom Designs do some nice small footprint stands.

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Including, it appears, stands specifically for Amphion.

The blokes a complete bellend but they’re in London and a good price

They’re also sold?