Smart Home shenanigans


Sounds massively fucking shit, frankly.


I haven’t had any problems at all with Nest. I think you need to stop being stingy and get a second AP for your mesh system, @AmDismal


I’ve been using miGenie by Drayton for a couple of years now. No problems as yet. Connectivity using the phone app is consistently good.


The hub is wired in, and the other devices connect via some non WiFi means.

If the issue persists then I might contact them, but they have a live chat and I fucking hate that.


Told you it was shit :grinning:


Yeah it really needs to slep up its game


But enough about your system. How’s the home controller?


Sounds fucked to me.
You can get a booster. I’ve had mine over a year, never had it go offline


In the course of our renovation we replaced the majority of a vastly inadequate and antiquated hot water and heating system. We’ve now got the radiators zoned with one Hive thermostat receiver thingo per floor. The base station is connected to our router via a switch. There is absolutely no issue with either connectivity or usability. The Hive setup, coupled with a couple of fairly high efficiency boilers has meant that our bills are much lower than last year and the house is far more comfortable (although the new roof and all the insulation that we put in during the summer can’t have hurt either).

Highly recommended, although not cheap.


If you don’t mind me being a dreadful bore Álan, what system did you plump for in the end?

Unvented? Thermal store? What boilers?


I think that if there is a problem, it is a hardware issue with the hub. Both boiler controller and thermostat seem to connect to it fine, but I can’t always connect to the hub - and that’s wired!

That said it’s been fine for a few days since I last restarted it.


U[quote=“A_Touch_of_Cloth, post:112, topic:3195”]

Fuck you Ginger!

We have a pair of Ideal combis. One does hot water and the ground floor heating. The other does first and second floor.

This is all backed up with by 205 litre RMS horizontal unvented cylinder for hot water. The cylinder sits in a really inaccessible part of the loft surrounded on all sides by the guff that the Antipodean has deemed too important to throw out. Like a pair of single bed mattresses in fetching green covers.


Mouth watering. :slight_smile:


Please don’t be giving Ritchie ideas for next-level brewing.


Monobloc boilers. I like it.



It is worse than that. The unvented cylinder operates in Class A. If the gas goes down there are backup electric coils to make sure that the showers remain at Strayan approved temperature (i.e. how scorched would Sir like his epidermis??).


Nice install!


Yello + red = trump :stuck_out_tongue:


I look at that and think about the forgone opportunity to bathe my ears in Kondo…:confused:


Have similar thoughts when I look at the landscaping and path we had laid around the side of our house that we use twice a year.