Smart shoes aka Dr Cunties Cunty shoe emporium


My work shoes…

Magnum Patrol



Socks should match the trousers not the shoes, unless of course you are making some sort of sartorial statement with your socks à la Peter Jones or Michael grade


Jon Snow seems to go for socks matching the tie!


Don’t they clash a bit with your shirt?


No, but they compliment my non ironic moustache perfectly :+1:


For @Jim


What has been seen, can’t be unseen :expressionless:





Nice shoes,nice socks 8 out of 10



What could have possibly been worse than those socks? :grinning:




That looks like quite a dainty foot you’ve got there… looks like a size 7?


Those sandals are far too small. Toes need to be well back from the leading edge to avoid breaking them on shit…:anguished:


You have a woman’s foot, my lord!!! I’ll reckon those dainties have never been used to sand the floors of the captains quarters glass smooth.


It is all about perspective and camera angles. I am a size 8 normally, but a 7.5 at Trickers in that last.
Do you have trouble getting ballet pumps for your size 13s?


You shouldn’t kick shit, that just gets you dirty.


Been listening to hair metal all week - it has effected my desires.